“I hope you enjoyed those Orgasms” as she walked out through my garage…


Stacy is getting into this routine of stopping by my place on her way to work once a week or so.  She arrives at around 11 am, and has to be at work by 3.

I can tell she is tired right off. With an escort, this is never a good sign. However, this is not an escort experience. It is sugaring.  There is a little more to it.

She comes in through the gate. Gives me a long hug.  I’m outside of her normal life, so she can let go of whatever is stressing her when she comes into my zone.  We sit on the couch. I’m playing Baeble on the Roku (I love internet channels). The modern day version of what MTV used to be. The exception being that most of the music is independent and a little less polished.  I have a long low leather couch.  She stretches out and puts her head in my lap. We listen to music and chat a bit.  Both of us have been swamped with work, life, etc. lately.  I am running two fingers through her hair absently. Thinking we are just going to chill for a bit.  Unexpectedly she reaches up into my shorts.

I woke up thinking about her this morning, so I am ready pretty easily.  Almost an instant erection.  I’ve been following my rules this week.

“Wow that was fast.” She says with a little smile in her voice.  A moment later she has my cock in her mouth. Slowly. Yeah, wow Is right.

I settle back on the couch.  Run my hand along her body. Close my eyes. Surrender to the moment.  Absorb the music. Climax comes easy. She gives me a small moan of approval as I let go.

Like escorting, but then again not. True, most of my escort sessions start with a BJ. However, this is somehow different. Feels like we are just hanging out on the couch listening to music. Then she decides to get frisky.  Very college girlfriend… GFE+

Stacy’s a reader. Kurt Vonnegut fan (+1). She convinces me to get Slaughterhouse Five, probably the only book of his I haven’t read. She’s also a fan of true crime (books and TV). Hence the murderer comments the other day.

We hang out a bit on my patio, then spend the rest of her visit in the bedroom. Enthusiastic. Fun. We are clicking on a lot of levels. Same sense of humor. My travel schedule will pick up soon. Our arrangement will need to settle down to more like once or twice a month going forward.

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