GFE Friday Continues

Friday evening. I sit down to polish up the remainder of Friday’s post on Stacy. I’m sitting on the same couch, still listening to random sessions on Baeble while re-reading and adding the final paragraphs to the post.  I get worked up thinking about it all. Seriously horny.

I decide to ping Karmen to see if we can set something up for Saturday or Sunday. She responds “I don’t have any bookings for the rest of the night, if you want to come over now. I always love to see you 🙂 ”

She’s a closer, that one. 

Brief internal dilemma, a few rationalizations, and then I’m in the car on the way to her side of town.

What the hell, it’s Friday night. Go big or go home.

I offer to bring a bottle of wine and she accepts. Instead of asking what she prefers (because I’m a dumb guy like that), I bring three (rioja, pinot grigio, and a rose). We were drinking cheap rose last time, but really I don’t know her taste.  I also bring glasses and a corkscrew.



All my life, this has been exactly how I end up in the friend zone.  Trying to cover every detail. It always seemed like the more I tried to accommodate girls the less interested they became.

I find that escorts in general appreciate guys trying to be thoughtful, even if it is clumsy. So I choose to be me and not worry about all the minor anxieties in my monkey mind.


It’s a half hour drive, no traffic. The car is opened up to the bay breeze as I fly over the bridge. Beautiful summer night.  Muggy, soft salty air.  Unlike the night driving in Sydney to meet that Seattle escort Amelia, I have little fear of fiery death here on my home turf.

We have a great session and end up hanging out a bit after. Music, wine and great sex on a summertime Friday night. I am totally having a GFE Friday.  First Stacy now Karmen.

We find lots of things in common and are naked, buzzed and laughing our asses off at silly stuff.  We end the night with plans to go to the beach together Sunday.  She was a swimsuit model and will surely look great on the beach.

Hopefully the weather will hold.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Sounds like a kick ass Friday! Two women, two beautiful sessions. Kudos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks man, Probably a little overboard, but enjoyable.


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