Saturday Afternoon in the Secret Apartment

It is a rainy Saturday. My friend Henry invited me to a ‘How to Smoke Brisket’ class at a local grill store, where his daughter works.  The class was kind of a dud, but we had coffee and hung out a bit. Good start to a low stress Saturday morning.

Charlotte surfaces on text while the class is winding up.  We need to get travel booked for our trip to Napa at the end of this month.  Beg off on Henry and head back home to hop on the PC.  While C and I are texting back and forth, I get an unexpected text from Melissa. She’ll be available this afternoon.  She never works on weekends, Go for it.

A little time in the Secret Apartment on a rainy afternoon. 🙂

When I get there, the light over the door is on. A red bulb and this could be Amsterdam.  Alley apartment at the top of a metal staircase on the back of an old building.  Soft knock, and the door pulls open. She peeks around and smiles me in.  The thing with Melissa is she can be easygoing and intense at the same time.  Tank top, and daisy duke cutoffs.  Perfect for a Saturday.  She pegs me with that stare kisses me on tip toes. I cup her cutoff clad ass in both hands while she bites my lower lip.  Perfect.

“Working on a Saturday?  Your kids at camp or something?”

“Oh hell no, I locked them in a closet and hired a babysitter.  It’s been a long summer.  I can’t wait for school to start. I love the little bastards, but momma needs an ADULT Saturday.  I was going to the beach, but it rained, so I called you instead.”

“So, I’m your backfill for the beach?”

“Basically, yes.  You complaining?”  Off comes the tank top.

We get naked and lay out on the bed. Start slowly kissing each other all over until we end up sideways in 69.  She is teasing me with that little toothy mouth of hers. I apply a little focus to my end of the bed. She comes hard. She has phenomenal leg strength so there is a moment where my head is almost crushed like a cantaloupe. Her concentration is broken. I don’t quite come yet.  Anticipation is exquisite.

We flip around, start kissing again. She is teasing me with her fingers. I could cut glass right now.  She pulls me over, wraps both legs a little too tightly around my waist, and unleashes some yoga sex mojo.  Awesome.   We get loud.  No one is around.  This business district is closed down on the weekend. There is no thunder outside, but I swear I heard it anyway.

Laying there twined up. Naked. Hands lightly stroking each other. We both start to drift off. She pokes me. “No sleeping!”  We hit the shower.

She got two in, but no second round for me. Another few minutes and I would be ready again. I need a little more recovery time because of yesterday. Plus this extra round would take much longer for me to come.  We’re coming up on the end of our agreed time.  One thing I’ve learned lately with the professionals. Enjoy the moments, but know when it’s time to go home.  All in all a great visit.

Rinse off. Kiss goodbye.

The sun is peeking through the clouds when I walk out.

GFE weekend continues.

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  1. Walter Mitty says:

    You just experienced every dude’s fantasy. You da man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      ….well at least one of my fantasies anyway.


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