Different Woman, Better Sushi

I had a much better dinner date last night. This time my date was Karmen. Sushi again, but a different restaurant. No ominous traffic accident either.

Picked her up at 8. Casual. Jeans and T-shirts. The sun was setting as we got in the car. Beautiful evening.  She looked great.  Olive skin with just a hint of tan lines on her neck.

We found an out of the way sushi bar and had a nice meal with actual conversation.  Effortless and enjoyable.

After dinner, we picked up a bottle of wine and went back to her place for an equally nice finish to our evening.

I slept like a rock.

Go figure. Hire a professional.

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  1. Walter Mitty says:

    Can you send Karmen my way? I promise to return her undamaged.

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      umm NO. She is mine and all mine.

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  2. We’d love you to guest blog on Miss Advising from a male perspective. Get in touch – we’re at missadvising.com

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