Pass the Soap

I was reading this post on shower sex the other day, trying to remember the last time I had engaged in soapy hot sex standing up.  I think it as 1995, at the beach with my wife.   No matter, the drought is broken. Stacy dropped by for a midnight visit which ended up in the shower last night.


The article is a helpful piece.  We used condoms though  and it worked out just fine.  It’s all about leverage, angles and economy of movement. 😉

 How To Have Amazing Shower Sex


I admit I’ve gone a little overboard with women lately. My wife is out of town for a month, and business is slow for the ladies of my hometown.  Everyone is available and eager to book.  I’ve learned that being a reliable, sane guy with a good job makes me an ideal customer.

Karmen and I had planned an overnight at my place last night.  She offered to cook me dinner, but it didn’t happen.

So, late last night, I find myself home alone reading. It’s 11 and I’m not tired at all.  Horny. Bored.  Stacy had pinged me several times this week looking to hook up. I pushed her off at the time. Too busy.

I give it a shot and hit her up on text.  She is home watching ‘Treehouse Masters’ and doing laundry.

“I’ll be there shortly, lover.”  🙂

This is one thing I like about the per-date style of arrangement. It is incenting.

12:15 she is at my garden gate. Long black knit dress, wiggling her ass as she brushes past me into the yard. “How do you like my booty call outfit?” Perfect.

We walk into the living room. She drops to her knees and pulls my shorts off.

She is working me a little, this is a textbook escort move to get the session moving quickly….but I don’t mind. It’s an arrangement not a romance.

I think I’ve mentioned before that having sex with Stacy is always loud. She evokes a hot scene. Moans echoing through the house in the middle of the night. Hers and mine. She rewards me with a giggle as I finally let go.

We progress to the bedroom and roll around naked a bit.  Eventually, though we end up in my oversized shower.

There is a built in bench and the windowsill is the perfect height as a hand grip.  I never noticed that before. LOL. Soaped up, loud as hell against the tile.  We run through almost the whole hot water tank. Awesome.

I’m standing in a towel spent. as she kisses me goodnight and floats out through the garage.

Notch one up for the sugar babies.


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  1. Thank you for sharing our shower sex blog post, glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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