Getting Under Someone New Always Helps

Tuesday double header. Get under someone new, then later unexpectedly hook up with Karmen.

I decide to try my luck with another new escort.  This time I chose someone from my local honey-to-do list:  Keri.

I found her on TER a month ago while reading new reviews.  Brunette.  Chocolate eyes.  Intelligent. Young. Only 20.

Nice hotel.  She opens the door in a pink robe, with a big smile. Invites me in.  Hug and  a kiss on the cheek. The room is a suite.  She leads me back to the bedroom and lets the robe fall open. Beautiful crimson lingerie. She pauses for effect, tilts her head and gives me a sly grin. She has presence.

There is very little small talk.  We start right away. Kissing standing up at the foot of the bed. I pause for a minute to undress. She slinks down to the bed.

We continue.  Kissing, stroking groping. Wow, fantastic breasts. Mouths exploring. Passion. Urgency.

Eventually she puts me on my back with a hand on my chest. Cowgirl up! She is intense. Slow rhythm to start, building to a furious pace quickly. A year ago, there is no way I could have kept up with her.

Afterwards, we’re slick with sweat, both out of breath and hearts hammering. Total body workout. LOL


Note for the guys on fitness

Regular cardio, a healthy diet and practice will improve your performance significantly.

A year ago I was a one pop guy who couldn’t keep up if the pace was too fast.  Now I’m having furious sex with a 20 year old who fucks like a banshee.


Strange how you can just click with someone.  Same sense of humor, a few things in common. Keri and I hit it off right away.  We both love to cook and travel.  The last 10 minutes of the session are spent with with her curled up naked against me watching a food truck show. Definitely going into the regulars list.

There is a strange social dynamic to making friends in this hobby.  Benefits first, friends second. You walk in the door of a hotel room, lay eyes on someone for the first time, and exchange a few minutes of small talk. 10 minutes later you are naked and having sex. Friendship comes after, and only sometimes.

As I am driving away from Keri’s hotel, I get a text from Karmen, inviting me over in  a few hours.  I’m going to dinner with a friend on that side of town at 8pm, so I accept.  Great rationalization.

We book our usual session for the normal arrangement. I show up on time. She is ready when I get there. The chemistry between us is almost over the top now.  We make a little small talk, but quickly proceed to get naked and into the bed.  Devouring. Hungry. Full body contact. Kissing. Nibbling. Easily some of the best sex we’ve had to date…and it has always been good before.

Is makeup sex even possible in this kind of relationship?

Afterwards, she apologizes for the weekend. We talk about communication. Both agree that we should have just cancelled Saturday morning when she got the day gig. Also we should’ve booked the overnight as a firm date without trying to make everything work out around it. Next time…

I leave on weak knees and go meet Siobahn for dinner.  I’m starving.

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  1. Makeup sex always sounds good to me. : )

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  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Good advice on the performance – I think building that relationship with someone also helps performance as well. You get more engaged in the session.

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  3. TheBloggingSD says:

    It is fascinating the dynamic of making friends in the hobby. I never thought about that! And I know you’ve hit on it before, its quite fascinating how even simple human gestures can be worth so much in the industry. I know I’ve connected with working girls over normal humanity.

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  4. Walter Mitty says:

    You stinker! Two in one day? The effort might have killed me. But your sidebar is dead accurate: regular physical conditioning and proper diet are essential. I got serious about this about six weeks ago after a complete fail with a top rated escort. I’m already doing dramatically better, so improvements happen fast. Soon two in one day will be at the top of my bucket list. Why not two at a time?!

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  5. uehobbyist says:

    Two at a time is on the bucket list. Later this year. Saving my nickels to make it a top shelf experience.


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