Sex and Fitness – Part 2: How I Eat

Eating healthy is a multi-billion dollar market. I make a point to not fall for the marketing machine. At first I had to weed through the BS that everyone was trying to sell, so I could get to a permanent way of eating that is healthy and sustainable for me.

I automatically put anything labeled “reduced calories” right back on the shelf. Go for whole foods…meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc.

For example, those Trop 50 Orange Juice commercials frustrate me. I mean, REALLY? Save calories on your orange juice.  How about eating a full breakfast with normal orange juice? Then go run around the block three times. THAT is how it is done.

I like to cook and can go on for pages about food and eating. However, I’ll spare you the diatribe and boil it down to some key points.

  1. Eat a balanced diet– protein, fruit and vegetables every day. Full meals. Bread is fine. Pasta is fine. I stopped worrying about “carbs”. Carbs are good for sex. I need them. Meats are usually leaner cuts… more sirloin than ribeye.
  2. Portion control– Each thing on my plate is be no bigger than my fist. For example I put a steak, baked potato and string beans on the plate. The steak should be no bigger than my fist. The potato should be no bigger than my fist….you get the idea.
  3. Don’t skip meals–  I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also have snacks. I range my calorie intake between 1800 and 2200 calories in a day. Starving myself all day, just means I’m gonna stuff my pie hole with crap before bedtime.
  4. Pay attention to what I eat– More vegetables and fruit. Less french fries. Once I started paying attention, I began to make better choices. I cut out soda and that grande mocha with whip. Instead, I’ll drink a bottle of water or have a plain latte with a packet of sugar.

Here is my typical day of food

Breakfast – at home, I eat oatmeal, or yogurt with fruit, coffee and orange juice. On the road, I get McDonalds: Egg Mcmuffin and a plain latte (no flavor), or Starbucks: oatmeal and a plain latte depending on which is closer to the hotel.

Lunch – I usually go for soup and half a sandwich or a salad at home. On the road I am always at MoesPanera or Pollo Tropical (love those tropichop bowls!).

Dinner – on the road, I usually eat out, and stick to smaller plates. I like tapas if I can find it…otherwise I go for thai or a soup & sandwich place. At home, I cook. Pasta, steaks, chicken…normal American fare. I buy a lot of rotisserie chickens.

Snacks – trail mix, a granola bar, yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, a plain latte.

Alchohol – I usually have two beers or two glasses of wine a night.  I need to cut this back….at least skip a few days once in a while.

I kept a food journal for the first year of eating healthier. I wrote down everything that I put in my mouth. You don’t need to do that. I was a little obsessive about it. I still have the book on my desk as a reminder. It was a useful exercise for me. I had no idea how much junk I was stuffing in my mouth.

A note on calorie counting. I counted calories for a long time, but don’t count them anymore. For me to lose weight I need to keep right at 1750 calories a day and exercise normally. To maintain weight, I need to stay under 2200 calories. Nowadays, I know the right amount of food and what is over eating. I’ll have wings and a pitcher of beer on Sunday then run 5 miles on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

You don’t have to be perfect, just better.

Continued in Part 3:  What Kind of Exercise?

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  1. Walter Mitty says:

    In addition to switching to a diet much like what you just described, which is helping me to lose weight and feel better, I’m also drinking organic apple cider vinegar. Now, before you roll your eyes, Google it and do some reading. Many health benefits are tied to this stuff, but I notice when I’m drinking it the weight comes off. When I’m not, my weight loss slows to a crawl. I mix a packet of stevia with two tablespoons of vinegar, then add it to a tall glass if ice water. It tastes like slightly bitter apple juice. Some people shoot it straight; I can’t – it’s too bitter for me. But I like the little cocktail I just described. Look for Bragg’s Organic with the “mother”. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      I’ve found that everybody has their own thing. Whatever works for you me. I may try it though.


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