Enter Paula: Part 2 – Who’s Your Daddy?

We wind up our dinner in almost exactly an hour. No dessert. No coffee. She follows me back to my place.

I was not planning on this. The house is a bit of a wreck. She is unfazed. Says it shows I am a real person that can relax.  I make her sit on the couch while I change linens.  The bedspread is covered in cat hair. LOL.

No need for small talk.  Standing at the foot of the bed, I kiss her. We pull together. She runs her hand through my hair. Kisses me hard in return.  Passionate.

Together, we peel her dress off.  Our clothes end up strewn around the room. Her body is stunning.  She has some well done tattoos.  None of them are visible until she is naked.

Secret life.

The most striking is a full willow tree on her ribcage. A sign. Deep water. Emotions.

We fall down to the bed. Devour each other.

I’m pretty sold at this point. But, it gets better…

She pulls me in. Starts talking dirty. Pleading. At first I think it is performance art, but it’s actually a hint. I don’t pick up on it.

I’m turned on. Come too fast. She wants more. I recover quickly.  Fall into her again, lose track of time.  Eventually we collapse together. Slick with sweat and out of breath. Hearts pounding.

We kick back into the pillows.  She curls into the crook of my arm, pulls out her phone and starts playing music from youtube. We listen to Lana Del Rey and talk sexual preferences. She likes to be dominated. Not the lifestyle, just the sex. The man in control. “I have a high tolerance for pain.”

I’m interested, but nervous.  Afraid I’ll push too far. I am a dominant guy in RL. Controlling is my forte. I usually let it go outside the office, and have never tried it in the bedroom.

She moves to the foot of the bed as we talk.  Gets up on her knees and gives me a sultry look.

Fuck it. What have I got to lose?

I move to her, grab a handful of hair, pull her head back and kiss her hard. She moans. I’m aroused. She starts talking dirty again. We are off to the races. I surrender to it. Intoxicating. I love to be in control. She falls into place.


When I get into a long session with multiple orgasms, it takes me longer and longer to come each time.

Karmen can’t do it.  She gets too sore.  However, Scarlett is into it. She told me once If she’s not sore afterwards, it’s not worth getting naked.

Layla says:  “Look hun, I love sessions with you and all, but you gotta finish that one yourself.”


Paula on the other, hand kicks it up a notch. Begging me.  I tell her: “You’re not done until I am.”

This definitely counts as cardio.

I am standing over her as she is bent face down on the bed. My hands dig into her hips. Intense. Time slows down.

My thighs start to give out.  We flip around and she mounts me cowgirl. I can see her pussy is visibly red. I have a moment of doubt.  She reads it and doesn’t relent. Starts pounding. Moaning at first, then screaming. She comes hard. Again.

I pull her down against my chest. “Do not stop.”

She keeps up. Faster. Harder. Finally I let go, clenching her against me as tightly as I can. We lay there a moment with her on my chest. Panting, hearts beating. She nuzzles my neck. I swear she is purring.

I think that was some kind of epiphany for me.

I whisper: “You are soooo hired…”

It’s after midnight when I walk her out to her car.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Walter Mitty says:

    Part 2. You sure can work the suspense. It was worth it. I love this kind of woman. Hang on to her…or I’ll surface in your neck of the woods.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      LOL. Will do Walter. 😉


  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    You lucky dog! What about the first one though? Are they all out of the picture?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      I am still going to see stacy on occasion.


  3. R. Patience says:

    Holy Fuck! You found a keeper! That is my kind of girl. It’s an amazing feeling to be with such a sexually submissive woman. She pushes you into this intensely dominant version of yourself. And … she loved it. That was amazing. Oh god, the pain! She loves pain. The exact argument I had with my wife two days ago. Some people love pain. I hope there is more from Paula.


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