Enter Paula: Part 1 – The Closer

I went on a dinner date last night and finally started to see the difference between a real sugar baby and an escort.  Paula recently came out of a long term SD/SB relationship and is looking for her next.  She reached out to me on SA.  We met for sushi, then unexpectedly ended up back at my place for some very, very good sex.

She’s young.  Another 20 year old. I have a cat older than that. Columbian. Nursing student. She wore a cadmium orange lace dress under a blazer along with a pair of block heels. 5’2”, bronze skin, chocolate eyes, perfect figure. Friday night at 7:30. The place is packed.

She is walking to the beat of The Commodores, as the hostess escorts us to our table. Every head in the restaurant turns.

The arrangement conversation begins the moment we sit down.  We had to send the waiter away twice before we looked at the menu.

She is serious, and not gold digging for an allowance or shopping sprees. She quit a minimum wage waitress job for sugar. Paying her own way through nursing school without loans. No time for a boyfriend or traditional relationship.

I need a bridge through my divorce.  Not a rebound relationship. Someone to see consistently. Intimacy, friendship, sex and boundaries.  I am not looking to jump into another serious relationship.

We interview each other. I’ve had this dinner meeting with a thousand clients. Each of us looking for win/win.  If nursing doesn’t work out for her, she would do well in business. I love a woman with a strong mind.

She prefers older men. It is obvious from the conversation, she’s learned from them.  We agree on a per date allowance while I am in town. Minimum of 1 date per week each week I don’t travel.  There is a trial period of 4 dates. After which we’ll evaluate.

This could save me money.  Impulse escorting is what breaks my budget. At the end of the meal she rolls the pen at me: “Would you like to start tonight?” This is my last free night before T returns. Friday night. It’s only 8:30. Go for it.

This deal sounds great, but if we aren’t compatible in bed it isn’t going to work.  The best rationalization I’ve had all day.

The chemistry starts to build as we get up from the table.  The waiter asks “Do you two have any plans this evening?

“We are going to see where the night takes us.” She replies, with the smallest grin.

To be continued…

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