We get up on the highway, and she bends over into my lap undoing my jeans. This just keeps getting better.

The Dept of Tolls now has a great photo of me getting a blowjob at 60MPH. We also received an enthusiastic thumbs up from a late night dump truck driver.

Another Dose of Paula

Paula and I get a room. My voice is still shot, my performance is half mast, but we still manage a fun time out of it, and get to know each other a little better.

A Little Sex in the Home Office

I bring her back to my office in the house. Really just a converted bedroom, but my place of work still. Both of us talking in a whisper. Conspiratorial. I’ve cleaned my desk off just for her. Usually it looks like a hamster’s nest.

Restful Weekend

T and I are having a quiet weekend. We are both home. Nothing planned. No dramatic conversations. No problem solving. Just going to hang out together and not do much. Awesome.

Stacy in the Morning

I get to her place by the lake a little after 8. She greets me at the door in a long t-shirt and polka dot panties.

Exploring Paula

I booked a room at a small, hip hotel near the university for the evening. Paula enters wearing a go go dress and boots.

Please Don’t Call Me Daddy

I’m a little awkward. Our chemistry is off somehow. She is unbelievably sexy. We are both ready to go quickly. I come way too fast. That hasn’t happened in a year.

Catching Up With Karmen

Glad to see each other. She opened a bottle of wine, and we caught up. It never ceases to amaze me how the rituals around this become so easy.

I Need Some Jedi Mind Focus

The air conditioning went out in my house this afternoon. 90F+ in the house. The repair guy has to order a part. It will be a few sweaty days. T and I went out to dinner to escape the heat and actually had a nice time. Life never ceases to amaze when you least expect it. I guess the pressure is off us both a little now. Plus the whole AC thing is pretty comical. I’m up. Restless. Mind is racing.