Charlotte in Napa

Charlotte and I certainly had a memorable trip. Best weekend EVER.

Perfect weather. Hiking. Great food. Wine tasting. Sexy companionship. It’s the first time we’ve both traveled to meet up someplace. Couldn’t have asked for more.  Charlotte is easy company. I can’t quite put my finger on it. She is so relaxing to be around. Effortless. Hobbying can be a crucible when it comes to getting to know someone. Including this weekend, we’ve spent less than 10 days together since we first met 4 months ago.  A weekend is the perfect amount of time.  You can enjoy the fun parts of each other and it’s over before you’ve stumbled across any annoying habits.  Napa was her suggestion back in June.  Frankly, I’ve been asking T to go to Napa with me for years. She was never interested.  So here I am with Charlotte.  It was a good choice. We had a fantastic time.

I picked her up in downtown San Francisco at 6 on Friday.  My flight landed late. Rush hour traffic. It took us forever to get out on to the Bay Bridge.  However, once we were over the water we opened the sunroof and RL melted away.  Fantastic view. Sea Breeze. Charlotte’s hand lightly on my knee in the car. Entering an alternate reality.

We crashed early on Friday night after reacquainting ourselves with one another.  I couldn’t help putting up that small post when I woke up in the middle of the night.  It’s always the small moments that grab me.  She is beautiful when she sleeps.

Charlotte is not a morning person.  She always looks great, and never crabby. Morning is just not her preferred time of day for anything other than sleeping.  She was a real sport about getting up at 6am to go hiking with me Saturday and Sunday.   We went for coffee, had fantastic morning sex, and got in a good early hike each day. WP_20150829_003WP_20150829_002

Afterwards she showed me around Napa. Wine, cheese, great food, and wine country scenery. WP_20150829_008WP_20150829_006…also plenty of fun time at the hotel after dark.  Definitely a full weekend. I am exhausted.


We traveled up to Seattle together on Sunday night and parted ways at SeaTac.  I wanted to spend more time. However, it’s always best to end on a high note.  So we kissed goodbye near the taxi stand and went our separate ways. I will see her again. Random city at a random time in somewhere in the future.

I drove out to my friend’s house in eastern Washington early Monday morning.  Charlotte and T bouncing back and forth in my head throughout the 4 hour drive.

My friends took me over to the mary jane dispensary, so I could buy a little legal grass. I finished out the day a little too high on his back deck.

RL started to drift back into focus as I was fading off to sleep Monday night. I don’t have to be back to total reality until this weekend. Chilling in the Yakima valley for a few days is going to be nice.


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  1. Walter Mitty says:

    Sounds like a dream.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds amazing. I haven’t had a vacation in years.


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