Settling in with Paula

Paula, Stacy and Karmen have all reached out in the last 24 hours.  All three looking to meet when I get back.  I need to get down to seeing only Paula, once a week.  However, the others keep cropping up.  Impulse control vs. rationalizations.

I see each of them for slightly different reasons.  Likewise they each keep coming back to me. Mostly for the obvious, but also for those pieces that are unexpected.

We are each other’s regulars.

Paula pays attention to me.  Daily texts. Except for this past weekend. She knew I was traveling with Charlotte, and kept her distance.

Shortly after I kissed Charlotte goodbye in the airport, I got a selfie from Paula.  Her smiling face: “I hope you had a nice trip. Can’t wait to see you.”

Smart.   Keeping herself in the forefront of my mind.

She has no interest in RL dating or relationships. However, she likes going out, intelligent conversation, older men and sex.  Finding her has been a twist.  She is not seeing anyone other than me.  No time for it. I don’t totally understand our relationship from her PoV. Not sure what she sees in me other than the arrangement factors. However, there is no denying the chemistry is there.  Nothing to do but accept it at face value.  Works for me. Works for her. Analysis not required.  

We’ve scheduled our next date. She is as busy as I am. I’ve booked a hotel for Friday night.  Should be a great time.

Her text from last night:   “I’m so ready to see you ❤ <3.”

I told her about the Napa trip on our first date.  We were going through our schedules for the month. She asked. I was open about Charlotte and the trip. She doesn’t know about the blog.

Even though her pics re G rated, I’m not going to post them. I have found a model on MetArt who resembles her, so those are the pics which will be posted instead.

Why I want to continue to meet other women is a reasonable question. Spending time with Paula once a week should be plenty. I don’t need the others.

“Good luck with that.” Said the id to the ego.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    A girl who stays in touch – that is awesome! I can totally relate and it builds the chemistry.

    Welcome back!


    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks man. Good to be back.


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