Hello Lover

“Hello Lover”

Stacy. Texting late Friday night.  We finally met up at her place this morning. Haven’t seen each other for weeks.

She has had a long month, but her divorce is finally settled.

“Finally free of the companion marriage” is how she put it. I can’t imagine a 28 year old stuck in a sexless marriage. But there it was.  I guess it can happen to anyone. This is the core of what we have in common.  Taking care of someone else emotionally, and not getting enough in return.

T and I had our end-of-summer divorce talk yesterday.  I wasn’t planning on it. She pressed the discussion.  Emotional. However we agreed to move ahead with the divorce.  We’ll sell everything and part ways over the next few months.

Stacy and I deal with stress the same way.  Sex and conversation.  9 am I was at her door.  Gray rainy day.  Seattle weather, even though I am back on the east coast.

She opens the door in a towel. Hair wet from the shower. Kisses me right away.  Full on.  Arms around the neck, towel falling loose. The door is still open.  Her dog knocks us off balance into the wall.  Laughing, we move to the couch.  More kissing, then onward to her bedroom. She kneels on the bed facing away from me.  “You take control. I don’t want to think.” I feel safe with her. I can let go.  Rainy morning sex.  We are consumed. Lightning and thunder.

Afterwards, we hang out a bit on her porch.  Her place backs up on a lake.  Gray skies. Rain dripping through moss draped oaks on the shore. No one around except us and an osprey circling the water. I ask her where she is going from here.

“I want to find a good dude, fall in love and have babies.”

She’s lost in thought for a minute, then continues.

“Don’t worry lover. Not you. Not now. Way in the future. Eventually.”

She turns the question to me.

“I have no idea.”

We leave it at that. My first time at her place. Don’t want to overstay my welcome.  She kisses me goodbye at the door.

I go for a run.  5 slow miles in the soft rain.

I am spent when I get back to the car.

Time to head home to T and whatever our next steps will be.

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