Catching Up With Karmen

Karmen continues to be on my mind. I finally went over to her place after work last night.

Like the other escorts she is always glad to see me after there has been a small break in time.  I get a genuine smile when she opens the door.  She is in cut-offs, and a loose gray T. There is a bottle of wine on the dresser. These sessions are a crucible for getting to know each other. We met a little over two months ago, and have probably spent less than 24 hours in each other’s company since.  Most of that time has been naked.

We fill our glasses, take off our clothes and hop up on the bed.  Stripping is part of the ritual.  Bare to each other. We are at ease. Absently touching. Talking and sipping wine. She is strikingly beautiful. Catches me staring.

She sets her wine down, meets my eyes, and slides slowly down my chest. The verbal part of the conversation is over.  My hand runs through her hair as thoughts blur.

After she has thoroughly silenced me, the chemistry reveals itself. We reverse. She pulls me up to her.  Familiar. Kissing. Nibbling. Twining together. Heated whispers.  She is pressed up against me.  Skin hot and smooth. We both get lost.

Afterwards, holding me to her chest, she whispers: “Don’t move. Stay here. Stay inside me.” Softly breathing. She nuzzles my hair.

A moment. Like I have known her forever.

The evening progresses in this way for a while longer.  Another cycle, then it is over. Time to leave. Getting dressed. Her game face returns. As we say good bye, she unexpectedly pulls me back for a deep kiss at the door.  Façade cracked for a moment longer.  We have made plans to see each other again this weekend.  Should be nice.

Siobahn lives not too far from Karmen. On the way home, I text her.  We decide to meet for a drink. She directs me to a bar. I arrive first.  She texts her drink order to me. Cucumber Margarita.  Never heard of it, but looks good. The drink is waiting when she arrives.  Everyone knows her in the place. We catch up on the news for the past two weeks. Things are going well with her new beau, and I summarize the latest on the saga of T and I.  As always she is supportive.  Happy to see that both T and I moving forward.  It is also nice to see Siobahn finally settling down with a guy of her own.  A 50 year old, no less.  Hey, older guys have skills 😉

We eat a small bite and have a nice nightcap.  She advises me to start thinking about civilian women as we are leaving.

That ain’t happening any time soon.

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