Please Don’t Call Me Daddy

Friday night. Paula meets me at a hotel in town. The first real rendezvous of our arrangement.

I get there after lunch. Check in. Work from the hotel all afternoon. Like any other day on the road, except that I’m only a few miles from my own house.  Told T that I was going to stay at my dad’s by the beach.

Paula phones after 5.  Her clinicals ran late.  She is going home to change and will be with me in an hour.

I love that she is serious about this and communicates well.

She arrives. Carries herself well.  Self-assured. Calm. Confident. Sexy.

Unsure what to do about food, I had gone to the store. Light fare.  Hummus, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc…She is starving. Hasn’t eaten all day.

She has a few bites, but turns to me.  Wants to get naked and start right away. It is a little awkward. Our chemistry is off somehow.  She is unbelievably sexy. Things progress quickly.  Too quickly. We are just getting into the rhythm of each other and I come way too fast.  That hasn’t happened to me in a year.  She is visibly disappointed.

We wait a few minutes to try again. No dice.  We are still not clicking well.  I am not hungry for control.  More in the mood to have slow drawn out sex. She is looking to be dominated and fucked.  We laugh it off. Neither of us has had an easy week. We’ll figure it out.

We decide to order room service. Pizza of all things.  Listen to music. Snuggle up talking about our views on different things. Social work, nursing, society, etc. Interesting conversation. Especially naked. She has the sheets up just slightly over her breasts. Her body is pressed close to mine the whole time. Very distracting.  She is unaware of her beauty.  All the more alluring.

By the time the pizza arrives, we are much more relaxed.  We devour the food. Both able to laugh off our awkwardness. It is obvious that we’re both a little off tonight.

Slowly we start again.  Still a few awkward moments.  She is eager to please. However, it is not working for me.

“Daddy, am I being a good girl? Please Daddy. Please…”

Not my thing. Not looking for daddy play. Doubts creep in. My erection completely fails.

We lay there a minute. She is on her stomach. I am straddling her from behind.  Her back is beautiful. Twin swallow tattoos on her shoulders.  I run my hands down her sides, and across her butt. Her skin is like satin.  She lets out the softest moan.

There it is…

I bend down and gently nibble her neck from behind. She stirs.  I respond.


Finally, I find the reins. Take charge. She falls into place.  Woman not girl.  Still submissive, but not daddy’s girl. Chemistry boils to the surface.  We both get lost in the moment.

Much, much better.

I’ve learned so much this year. Half the game is mental.  So many variables. No wonder long term marriages run into issues.

I wish I was one of those guys who could just get off on a nice pair of tits and be done.  I need the whole package. Connection, respect, attraction, affection, intimacy.

Afterwards, we have a nice time laying naked in the sheets chatting.  A little more sexy play, but mostly just being intimate.  I really like her.  We just need to find our groove.  I wonder if her last SD was into this daddy stuff.  She seems unused to my version of control.  I want a woman who is independent and strong. I can still be in charge, but she has to play her part.  School girl is not my fantasy. I had plenty of school girls when I was in school.  Now I am a man. I want a woman.

We end the night on a good note. Chuckling some more at our mis-steps.  We are going to get along fine.

Looking forward to getting to know each other some more on the next visit.

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