Exploring Paula

Wednesday night. Paula again.

We discussed the daddy play issue, and resolved it pretty quickly. Less than a 10 minute conversation.  We switched the dirty talk for a more adult tone, and everything went like clockwork.  Amazing.  I wish I could talk about sex issues with my wife like that.  Probably easier with Paula, because less of my ego is at risk.  It was no big deal to her.


I should try that with T…just put it on the table matter-of-factly with no fear, and see what happens. Nothing to lose.


I booked a room at a small, hip hotel near the university for the evening.  Paula enters wearing a go go dress and boots right out of These Boots are Made for Walkin’.  Beautiful.

We talk through our little issue from Friday.  “I’ll still be in charge, don’t call me daddy, etc…” She is fine with it.

We get started. Kissing standing up. Hands roaming. I almost don’t want to take her out of that dress until I see what is underneath.  Great taste in underwear.  Wow.  Coral colored soft lace. Matching set. Unstructured. Perfect fit. Stunning.

The sessions with Paula are always 4 hours.  Plenty of time to get to know one another.  We explore each other for a bit, then take a break.

She has a sweet tooth. The hotel has no room service, but a small café in the lobby.  We get dressed and go down for a bite.  We order a hummus tray and some cookies to take back upstairs. The food takes a few minutes.  While we wait, every guy in the lobby is looking at Paula. Arm candy is not my thing, but I have to admit she owns the room.  I can’t help watching her either.  Magnetic.

Back upstairs, we get under the covers, snack and talk.  She’s a little overwhelmed with school.  The nursing track is intense.  The sessions are a good release for her.  She tells me being the submissive, makes it even better.


I have a lot to learn being dominant during sex. Memory takes me back to the Summer Sessions.  She taught me a few tricks. However, I also need to get past my fear of control during sex. I am in control all day in RL.  However, I am afraid of going too far during sex.  The reins are a lot more slippery.  I am not concerned that I would actually hurt someone physically. More that I will be too controlling and turn them off.


She is intelligent and thoughtful.  Gives me a short primer on vitamins, and how to take them effectively. I get aroused during the conversation.  She seems a little confused by that. I tell her smart women turn me on.  Intelligent conversation is very sexy.

Perplexed, but pleased, she lays back. We resume our roles.  “Enough talking.”

She wants to be told.  The control is tempting, but I hesitate for a moment. She looks up.  Chocolate eyes.  Waiting.

Looking back, I make her wait.  A moment passes. I grab a handful of hair, and we are consumed. She calls my name. Begging. The whole experience is intoxicating.

I direct. She complies. Not rough, but firm.  Hearts pounding and out of breath. Her face is pressed up against the headboard.  My chest is slick against her back. My arm is wrapped under her chest and I am holding her chin in my hand.  She bites down on my fingers as our rhythm becomes intense. No more words. We are reduced to moans.  My arms are wrapped tightly around her. Harder. Tighter. Louder. Then release.  We collapse in a panting sweaty heap. Twined together in the afterglow.

Yes, that worked out MUCH better.

The evening continues like this for the remaining hours.  Food, conversation and fantastic sex.

Afterwards, we are all smiles and kisses as she leaves.  Inspired, I rinse off and head down to the hotel gym.  3 miles on the treadmill.  9 minute pace.  Record time for me.


As I am turning out the light to sleep, my phone lights up. Almost midnight.

“hello lover.” – Stacy.

A short exchange. Romantic. Sweet.

I’ll see her on Friday.

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  1. R. Patience says:

    Loving these rounds with Paula. To have a submissive woman like that is wonderful. Especially one so intelligent, sexy and you can respect.


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