Stacy in the Morning

Friday Morning. Stacy.

I get to her place by the lake a little after 8.  She greets me at the door in a long t-shirt and polka dot panties. Very girlfriend.

She is simultaneously sleepy and sultry. No make-up, hair a mess. Fresh out of bed.  Beautiful 🙂

Each of these women fills a different place for me. Where Paula lets me explore control, Stacy fills an emotional gap.  We are drawn together.  Hard to explain.  We feel each other somehow.

She pulls me to the couch. Puts her head in my lap. I’m not surprised this time when she opens the fly on my jeans. I’m aroused instantly.  Her mouth warm and wet on my cock.

I lay my head back on the cushions.  Ecstasy.

However, her dog interrupts.  Jumping on both of us, he won’t be denied.  There are people on the couch who must pay attention.  LOL.

Laughing, She drags me to the bedroom with my pants half down.

Behind a closed door, she picks up where she left off.  This time, weaving in a small amount of teasing. Time stretches out. I lay back in her unmade bed.  The pillows smell like her hair.

Just when I think I am going to finish, she stops. Runs her hand down my stomach. “My turn.”

She turns, gets on all fours, and looks back at me through unkempt hair.

We’ve only spoken two or three full sentences since I walked through the door.

I take my place with a hint of control, firmly gripping her hips. We start in slow motion.

Who’s teasing who now?

I’ve said before, Stacy is loud.  Somewhere between a sob and a moan. She reaches back and takes my hand. Uses it for leverage to pull herself against me.  My voice chimes in with hers.  We are in slow synch.

I lean forward, brushing my lips on the side of her neck.  She turns her face and kisses me hard. My chest on her back, this is as much body contact as two people can get.  Lost in the moment, we nearly slide off the end of bed.  Again, we go from serious to laughing in seconds.

I pull her back to the center of the bed. She says “can you get my hair out of my mouth?”  More laughing.

We are at ease with each other.  I brush the hair out of her face, but stay connected.  We begin again.

“like that?”

“yes, EXACTLY like that.”

I reach my arms under her chest.  One hand on her throat. She presses her face into the other.  Kissing my palm. Biting my fingers.

Without signal, our tempo picks up. I squeeze her body tightly with both arms.  Louder and louder, until we finish together in a sweaty heap. I can feel her heart hammering against my arm.  Both breathing heavily.

We lay there for a few minutes. Almost fall asleep, but the dog wakes us up scratching at the door.

We finish our morning on the screen porch watching the lake.  Now the conversation flows.  Similar to Paula, we are exploring each other.  More about feelings than any intellectual pursuit.  Relationships. Experiences. Life in general. Now that her divorce is final, she is at peace and moving forward.

She has depth. We are connected. Not sure what to do with that that.

Boundaries firmly in place, we kiss goodbye at the door.

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