Restful Weekend

T and I are having a quiet weekend.  We are both home. Nothing planned. No dramatic conversations. No problem solving.  Just going to hang out together and not do much.  Awesome.

Saturday, we slept in and had coffee together.  Lunch at a thai place we like. Then in the evening, we cooked hot dogs and watched college football at the house.  She is a huge football fan. I enjoy it, but am not as avid.


T grew up in a straight laced household with two brothers and a father who didn’t drink much.  Football is a family tradition with them.  My family, on the other hand, was high all the time.  We spent our weekends partying on a sandbar on the edge of the bay.

Her father was a fighter pilot who retired as a senior officer. My father was an electrician.


Nevertheless, we are both alumni of the same alma mater, so a good rivalry game for our team is usually a good bet for the two of us to enjoy. Our team won, which ended the day on a high note.

It’s now Sunday morning, and I am having a cup of coffee on the patio and catching up on blogs.  She is reading inside.

Her work search is looking up. She has a final interview with a consulting company this week for a 16 week project that will pay her well.  It will be a few weeks of travel in the U.S., but mostly she’ll be working from home.  All good news.

I am heading out for Detroit Monday morning, and will be back Friday.

It looks like it will be a beautiful day outside. We’ll probably catch a movie later and grill out for dinner tonight.

This has been a much needed break for both of us. I am not going to analyze any of it. Taking it as it comes.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am enjoying mine.


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