No Talking Allowed

…ok maybe one more post…

Scarlett and I texted a little last night.  Cancelling our plans for this week. I was thinking I would tough it out sick in the hotel, but didn’t want to pass my cold on to her.  Even though I get horny lying in bed with nothing to do.  Opportunity for self-help.

Her reply:  “Really wanted to see you, I haven’t had an O in a loooong time! LOL”

Now that is how you make a customer feel wanted.

She is only booking people occasionally now.  No new clients. Only regulars. Only a few times a month.  I am getting laid more often than she is.  Sounds like it is becoming more of a hobby for her, than a profession.

She admits it is fun to have a secret side. She can get her groove on with a few hand-picked friends, plus a little pocket money. The rest of the time she leads a normal life. Her family and friends have no idea.

I should return to Detroit next week.  I’ll catch her then.

The last session, we decided that we talk too much when we are together.

“Too much talk, not enough sex.”  Her words not mine.

This next visit we’ve planned a no-talking rule.  The idea is to start the moment she walks in.  I’ve been thinking about it for weeks.   I’m quite looking forward to it. Anticipation is half the fun.

We have also been discussing a trip.  She’d like to go with me to Japan on my next flight out to Asia.  I have never traveled with a companion like that.  Sounds cool. She is great company, I think we will travel well together.  She is low drama, has a fun sense of humor, and is down to earth.  Her life is together. I like that about her. Hopefully we can pull that off in November or December.

She is a smart business woman.  Keeps me interested.  Makes sure the sessions go as planned, and now upselling to bigger engagements.  Still an escort crush on my part, but also a professional relationship with good bounds.


This morning rolled around, and I woke up feeling worse.  Voice completely gone. Chest congested.  Coughing up green loogies in the sink.  Ugh. Never a good sign.

Couldn’t go to the office, I would just spread the plague. Talking on the phone was not an option.  Made a quick decision to call it a week.  I decided to come home early.  Notified everyone by email, found a mid morning flight, and headed for the airport.

I can’t remember ever having laryngitis.  This is probably some kind of Karmic lesson. “Shut up and listen.”  The universe is full of new experiences.

I went to the doc-in-the box as soon as I got home. Respiratory infection with laryngitis. He gave me some meds and hopefully I’ll be squared away in a few days. No talking for 48 hours.

I have a ton of work to do.  Guess I’ll be typing.

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  1. VegasSparkle says:

    Hope you feel better. Try this, it always helps me:
    Starbucks “medicine ball/cold buster”
    For Venti size (others, reduce recipe)
    1bag Refresh (Mint) Tea
    1bag Calm (Chamomile) Tea
    1/2 hot water
    1/2 steamed lemonade
    2pumps peppermint
    Add honey if you wish.

    Or for a more holistic approach try this:
    Juice of 6 lemons
    1 bulb of garlic
    2tsp ginger powder
    2tbsp honey
    3 cups pineapple juice
    1/4tsp. cayenne powder
    Blend together and store in a glass jar. Drink 1 cup, 4x a day.
    (You can a cup a day if you want)

    Feel better soon.

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      wow that looks cool. i’ve just been going with the venti chai.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. VegasSparkle says:

        I love that! I get a Venti Chai, Soy, No water. Ask for no water (if you don’t already). It’s much creamier and not watered down.

        How are you feeling?


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