A Little Sex in the Home Office

Friday.  Feeling much better.  Voice still not returned.  However, I can whisper now at least.  Stacy and I have been texting for a few days.  Some sexy some silly. I love her humor.

“I love the way we bang”, “Responsibly sourced undergarments for rabbits”, “Bananas in Pajamas”, “I want you to kiss my kitty”…on and on.

She is a hair stylist.  Closes the shop alone at night. We’ve been hatching a plan for me to show up at closing so we can have some fun in her chair.  We haven’t been able to pull it off yet. The anticipation is fun. Workplace sex is a cool fantasy for me.

We did however, work it out for her to come by my place this morning. In between conference calls. 😉

I’m still not talking on any of these calls mind you. However I am attending. Typing my responses while everyone else talks.  Strangely powerful. They ask me questions like I an oracle.

I mark myself unavailable when she pulls in at 9:15. Time for a break.

She breezes through the gate in a short print dress.  Hair still a little damp from the shower.  Beautiful.

“Hello lover” I whisper as she moves up the walk towards the door ahead of me.  She doesn’t hear me.

I bring her back to my office in the house.  Really just a converted bedroom, but my place of work still. I’ve outfitted it with shelves and a real desk.  Very official. She lowers her voice to match mine. Both of us whispering.  Conspiratorial.  I’ve cleaned the desk just for her. Usually it looks like a hamster’s nest.

She wiggles out of her panties and I urge her up onto the desk. I’m in the chair with her feet propped on the arms. She bends down to kiss me.  Pulling my face up. Biting my lip. Hot. Sultry. Slow.

She is a great kisser.  The chemistry between us thickens in the air.  I hike her dress higher and work my mouth up her thigh.  Her turn to lean back and get lost.  She moans a little. Inhaling as I find my place. Like licking an ice cream cone, only warmer. Sweet. Musky. Intoxicating.

Her hands run through my hair as my tongue works her clit gently. Her moans become more urgent, then quickly she comes. Doubling over forward. “enough, enough, enough” giggling. Breathing heavily.

She moves to sit in my lap. Flushed. Recovering for a moment.  Now, it is my turn. She slides down to the floor on her knees while pulling my jeans open.  She takes me in her mouth. I lean back in the chair. The sounds of my work life buzzing in the background. Devices chirping.

I made a point earlier of turning my laptop aside so the webcam is pointed away and the mike is muted.  Never can be too sure.  Talk about awkward.“Hi boss. Why yes, I am getting my dick sucked right now.”

All of this running through my head as she is slowly bringing me to explode. I am distracted in the beginning, but she has my absolute attention by the end. She rewards me with a giggle as I fill her mouth. Come dribbling down her chin.

Wow, I really am feeling a lot better today.

As I recover, she climbs back in my lap. Reclines into me.  We are silent for a moment. Feeling. Breathing. Calm.

She takes a small tour of my one room office. Shelves, books, mismatched prints. We move on to the small spare bedroom across the hall. The bed is a double. High up on posts, with a headboard. Shedding our clothes, we snuggle on the bedspread.

I’m aroused quickly, and bring out a small surprise.  Vibrating cock ring. Always a fun toy.

Thank you Charlotte ;-), I always think of you when I pull one of these out.

She pulls me down to her. My lips on her breast, I slip inside. She fades into a sobbing moan.  Almost hushed this time. Very erotic. I love the sound of her.

We are synchronized.  Kissing. Biting. Nuzzling. Grinding. Time stretches out.  The headboard knocks the wall. Thump, thump, thump.  Steadily increasing. We get louder and louder until we both come hard. I collapse onto her chest. Her heart beats against mine.  Her arms wrapped around my back.  We’re both panting in the afterglow. A lone IM chirps across the hall…

I roll over and lay back on her shoulder.  We stay a few moments. Naked in the morning light. Quiet. Peaceful. Nuzzling.

Then it is time to go. We get dressed, I escort her back through the gate. One of the neighbor ladies is walking her dog past and desperately trying not to peer over at us.  We are clearly fresh from shagging.

Stacy climbs back in her car and is off.  I head back inside to work.  TGIF.

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