Know When to Pull Her Hair

Control is starting to excite me.

I put extra preparation into my date with Paula Friday night and it paid dividends.

This appointment has been on my mind all week.  I want to be more dominant.  I even talked to Stacy about it. Unsurprisingly she has a little BDSM experience. Yes, that girl is an onion.


Stacy’s advice:

“You don’t need to be dominating, just primal.  The basic premise of putting your hands on a woman and pulling her to you can be a big turn on. It’s hot if you grab me in the right COME HERE YOU ARE MINE sort of way.”


When I am planning to control a room or meeting in the office, part of my strategy is to dress the part. The same principle should apply here: Dark suit, white shirt, pale blue tie, black oxfords. Not brogues 😉  

I book a room at the same trendy hotel near the university, and start heading that direction around 4.  Henry signals me to meet for coffee on my way, so I stop at Starbucks to meet him.  I know I have the suit nailed when every woman in the place turns as I walk up to the counter.  Henry is an executive in his own right. He recognizes the tactic:  “Business dinner boss man?”

I arrive at the hotel an hour ahead of Paula. Check in, bring up some light fare, and finish a few emails while I wait.  Also, I tweak my plan a bit according to the layout of the room. The first few moments of her entrance will be crucial.

Paula has clinicals all day on Fridays. It is her busiest school day of the week. She also has been dealing with a very tough instructor lately. Nurse Ratched has been on her ass about every little thing.

She texts as she is leaving the hospital. She’ll have to rush home, get changed, then fight traffic to meet me on time.  Unexpectedly, she also tries to accommodate a clothing favorite for me:  Jeans and a white silk blouse. Paula is not a jeans kind of girl. Totally out of her comfort zone.

These circumstances all play to my advantage perfectly tonight.  She arrives feeling a little flustered. I can tell her game is off. The jeans look good, but she is clearly not confident. Conversely I am calm, confident and completely in charge of the scene from the moment she steps in the door. It takes her a second to realize what I am doing.  Usually, I am casually dressed when she sees me. Tonight is quite the opposite.

A small smile creeps into the corner of her mouth as she clasps her hands and turns her eyes to the floor.

“Close the door.”

“Yes sir.”

There is a low L shaped couch along the left wall of the room.  I turn her to face it.  Place her hands at her side.  I stand behind her for a full minute saying nothing. I am close. Inches from her back, but not touching her at all.

Finally I lift her hair from the nape of her neck, lean in and inhale. I exhale softly on the side of her neck. Goose bumps. I trace her cheek with my right hand and continue down the front of the blouse.  The silk is crepe. My hand lingers above her breast. Tracing the bra.  Fingers admiring the lace through thin silk.  Her nipple visibly raises in greeting. My hand continues down her stomach and stops just above the waist of her jeans. I pull her against me.

I purposely have not shaven for the past three days. Stubbly whiskers scratch her neck as I nibble and kiss, while holding her firmly against my chest.

Stepping back, I whisper:  Take your jeans off.”  Candle-wax-on-the-zipper tight. She struggles for a minute to wriggle out of them while I stand over her.

Piece by piece, I instruct her to undress both of us until we are returned to the starting position naked before the couch. We begin by touching each other. She reaches behind to grasp me. I cup her from underneath with one hand. Fingers exploring her wetness. My other hand turns her face roughly so I can kiss her hard.

Our clothes are in a pile on the couch. I push her down on top of them. She buries her face in my shirt, and presents herself to me in a ‘down dog’ pose as I slip inside. The dirty talk begins. I put one hand on the back of her neck and grip hard. The other finds her breast.

Our rhythm is hard and deep. We are consumed. Powerful. Seductive. Words devolve to moans. She loses balance and ends up fully laying face down in the pile of clothes. Both of her hands pressing against the backrest as leverage. I have a fistful of hair in one hand and a good grip on her shoulder with the other.  Both hands pulling her to me as I drive as deep as I can. Slow and rough.  Time seems to stretch out forever.  Finally we both explode and collapse. Hearts pounding and slick with sweat and moisture. I am laying on her back. My head on hers. Our breathing is now the only sound.

That suit is totally going to the dry cleaner.

Once recovered, we grab the food and move to the bed.  This has set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The chemistry is electric between us as we lay naked between the sheets, snacking on a hummus tray. We fall into our usual cadence of conversation and sex, with a new element.  Her eyes are mischievous. The fire has been lit.  We have each other’s undivided attention. Making a particular point about some medical treatment theory or another, she slides her hips towards me under the covers.  Her legs twining around mine.  Putting a hand on her waist, I pull her into a long kiss and we begin again. No more talking.

While biting her lower lip, I direct her with my hands to straddle me.  I want to admire all of her. Jet black hair tousled. The black ink of the willow tree writhing on her ribs. Firm breasts bouncing. I have a strong grip on both hips as we move together. The night moves on…

Towards the end of our evening, we are both sated. Fantastic night.

I have learned something new, and been rewarded.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Your stories, something else! You are a leader amongst men

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks man.I still have a lot to learn, but am finding my way.


  2. VegasSparkle says:

    yaaas! sounds hot! like straight out of a fantasy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. R. Patience says:

    Incredible. Love reading about you leaning into the thrill of being a dominant. It’s an incredible connection with the right woman.


  4. You made the right call with the business attire. It’s a must do for this type of play.


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