More of Charlotte in Napa

I miss you Charlotte. You are an integral part of the storyline in this blog.  I find myself thinking about you today.  I hope to see you again soon.  🙂


I have not heard from Charlotte since Napa.  We planned it that way. No contact in between. It is her rule.  I respect that. Until I am truly available and single, how can there ever be anything more?

The Napa trip could have produced more writing material out of me than it did.  I was feeling it a little too deeply when we parted at the airport.  I couldn’t write without being sappy.  She wouldn’t want it that way. It was my turn to disconnect when the door closed.

However, now that I have a little distance, here is another post from that weekend. A flashback, if you will.

Charlotte and I have an agreement regarding our weekends together: Always do something active.

Morning hikes every day of the trip.  After she surprised me with that fantastic morning play time, we get dressed again. Head for the park, 20 minutes away.  It is hilly and forested. Acacia, oaks and blackberries.  The plan is to put in a few miles. She is excited.  There is wildlife and very few people. I try valiantly to get a snapshot of her in yoga pants, sneakers and a tank top.  So beautiful.  However she will not allow it.  No photos. EVER.

I swear Charlotte can roll out of bed, throw on anything, with no make-up, hair in a ponytail, and score 9 or 10 on looks. She is a natural beauty.  She will deny it until the cows come home, but it is true.  After spending the past 18 months with some of the most attractive women I have ever known, I’ve decided exactly none of them are a good judge of their own appearance.

So Charlotte, this is MY blog. I’ll say what I want.  You have to sit there, read this and take it.  Ha ha.  If you want to dispute me, I’ll gladly approve your comments.

You are beautiful and don’t even know it. Inside and out. I am irreverent, crude and can be a self-centered jerk sometimes. But I have excellent taste in women.

The hike is perfect. We have a lot of fun. Get out of breath, a little dusty and sweaty.  Our morning ends up at a juice shop. Where she charms the counter guys into creating the perfect apres-hike concoction. Back at the hotel, we rinse off together.  No play time, but naked in the shower with her is always a good thing.

Lunch in downtown Napa. No reservations. We are just going to wing it.

The weather is perfect. Walking along the river front we find a small food shop with a café on the back.  We grab a salad and a glass of wine on the patio.  She is in shorts and a cute top.  Every guy in the place is sneaking glances her way.  She does not notice, and is telling me about her vacation in Mexico the week prior.

Lunch on the Patio in Downtown Napa
Lunch on the Patio in Downtown Napa

After lunch we decide to drive out to a few wineries. A nice drive.  We wind up a family vineyard.  Nichelini. The oldest family owned winery in the Napa Valley.  The owner, and grandson of the founder, spends extra time explaining the history of the vineyard, and each wine to us.  I’ve come to recognize this as the Charlotte factor.  She is gracious and charming. Everyone wants to be in her orbit.  We sample a few things, buy a few bottles for later, and head back to the main road.

The next stop is one of the big winemakers.  The property is beautiful. We decide to forego the tour and tasting. Elect instead to sit on the patio admiring the view.  Wine, cheese and fruit board plus a nice glass.  This is exactly how I imagined the Napa experience to be.  We take our time.  Pace ourselves. People watch for what seems like hours.

We had made an agreement to work on our blogs together a bit during the trip, so decide to head back to the hotel and relax a bit.

Our room has a small patio. We open a bottle and sit outside, enjoying the late afternoon.  We break out the tablets, compare notes and give each other tips.  She shows me some pics from her vacation.  Her stories are great.

Evening rolls around and we decide to Uber to dinner.  Back in downtown Napa, we are seated at a small table near a couple obviously on a date. Most likely a blind date. She is a little older than he is.  Very attractive.  The guy is being an ass.  C jokes about taking her away with us.  Our meal is good and the people watching is loads of fun. Although we feel bad for our lady table neighbor. She considers spilling her drink in his lap as we get up, but decides to take the high road.  She gives the woman a sympathetic look on our way out.

After dinner, we find a small crowded bar. Switch to beer.  C makes friends with the bartender and the people on either side of us.  Comfortable in all places. She switches gracefully from trendy dinner to low key bar scene.  One of our new found friends is a woman who has great triceps. She gives us workout tips in the middle of the crowd.

I quietly admire C’s ability to make friends at every turn. This must be her life.  New situations every night. Always on. Always charming.  No wonder she needed a solo vacation alone to a remote location.  I try to keep in mind that she seems to be enjoying herself and our trip, but is still working.  I go through that sometimes with my own clients. Being always on can be tiring. It is amplified in her case because we are literally together for nearly every minute of this entire weekend.

Around 11 we decide to call it a night. Both of us warmly glowing from all the wine and beer.  Uber back to the room.  We fall into bed and devour each other.

The scene happened a month ago, and it is still vivid in my memory….

Simply irresistable
Simply irresistible

We are comfortable together. She knows exactly how to operate me sexually.  I doubt I know all of her levers, but have learned a few things.

There is a moment where she is on her stomach sideways across the mattress. I am above her and slightly behind. My right hand is holding her chin. Two fingers in her mouth. She is biting down hard. Lipstick smeared on my palm.  We are more than a little drunk and time has slowed to a crawl.  I reach under her arm, between her breasts, and up to lightly clasp her throat in my left hand.  Driving deep, slow and as hard as I can.   We are synced in this position for what seems to be forever.  Normally her moans are soft and sensual. Not this time.  Both of us are getting louder and louder.  This happened in Chicago and also in Sydney together. Sex with C is best after a fun evening out.  She enjoys the entire romantic experience. It is extended foreplay for her.  I’m conscious of my hand on her throat. Don’t squeeze too hard. This distraction keeps my orgasm on edge. Longer and longer.  Finally I can tell she is going to come hard. I feel her quivering inside, and let myself loose. Ecstasy.

We lay there curled up afterwards. She is nuzzling me.  Ok that was thoroughly enjoyable.  I want this trip to never end.

We drift off to sleep still twined together. An hour later we both wake up. Twisted around and cramped.  It is after midnight as we snuggle up for the night.

Sleeping naked with C is a memory I will always have.  One of the things that keeps me coming back. After all is said and done we have a connection in the dark which is unspoken.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing more of your Napa weekend. I have had the privilege of spending time with C on a short date and find myself inspired to reconnect with her for a longer encounter. I have had the opportunity recently to spend two romantic weekend getaways with a special lady of my own and find it hard to go through “cold turkey” after all the intensity of the weekend. I think there’s a great temptation to linger and remain emotionally attached in the days that follow. My lady has helped me to understand how difficult it is on their end to wipe their slate clean and detach as well. Any suggestions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      I went through that also. Each of the characters here helped me get past it in different ways. It was difficult sometimes. I would spend time with someone, and have a great couple of hours or a weekend, then back to reality. Once I got to know them a little better it became much easier. Now it is more friends with benefits and occasionally a special connection. The only exception to that has been Stacy. We’ve moved on to a more normal dating relationship.


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