Friends with Benefits

Scarlet and I finally caught up last night. We haven’t seen each other in over a month.  It must be near our anniversary.  I don’t remember exactly when our first encounter happened, but it was definitely before last fall .  Back then, I was struggling in Michigan looking for regulars.  I had several awkward and disappointing experiences before I finally found Scarlet.  She only sees a few people, and travels to do it.  I am a member of her lucky and short client list.

I’ve written before about intimacy, relationships and the concept of the ‘escort crush’. Having sex on a monthly basis for a year is bound to develop into some kind of a relationship. Scarlet and I have become friends.

If you saw us out together, it would be obvious that we are friends and not lovers. Laughing at crude jokes and people watching.  The sex we have together is fun and full of laughter.  She is in my goldilocks zone for sexual style. She likes me to be decisive and confident. However, we are equals at all times.  I don’t have to worry about control or being dominant.  She is prone to bruising, so I have to be conscious of squeezing her too hard anywhere.  She jokes that she always has handprints on her thighs two days after our sessions.

We have been planning a ‘no talk’ session for a while now.  I had a plan in my head for when she knocked.  I was going to pull her into the room, pin her against the door and just start devouring her. Of course that didn’t happen at all.  The door opened and I immediately blurted out “hi”, and she replied “hi”, then we both cracked up.

That plan went out the window in three seconds. LOL.

We overcame our urge to chat and tackled each other fairly quickly though. She arrived in a short brown linen dress.  Very  sexy.

No pics are allowed of Scarlet, so I will do my best to describe her without giving away her secret identity. Straight, shoulder length blonde hair. Blue eyes.  Petite (admitted to a size 0 last night). Much shorter than me.  I doubt she weighs over 110lbs.  Natural B cup breasts, and surprisingly for her frame, a very nice bubble ass.  The dress is slightly higher in the back than the front.  She is very proud of that booty.  She has been a model in her life, but has a classic American girl next door look. She is that hot girl in your home town, who is covered in mud on a 4 wheeler.  Her personality is grounded and friendly.  She is open and approachable. You could strike up a conversation with her in a grocery check-out lane and never realize she is a high priced call girl. I found a MetArt girl that is close to what she looks like, and featured her pic on this post to give you an idea. Although I’ll tell you, Scarlet is prettier.

She is 28, with a normal group of family and friends who have no idea about her secret life.

We were glad to see each other last night, and spent the evening talking and fucking.  We worked our way into some good positions and had a ball. We did get a little carried away at one point.  I left a thumb bruise in the middle of her forearm, and a small bite mark on her neck. Hardly noticeable.

The hotel floor is packed so I’m sure we gave the guy in the next room quite a show.  We were pretty loud.

LOL, Same time next month.

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