Guest Blogger: Roy Part 2 – Bar Harbor Arrival

Sorry to hear you’re recovering from a cold, UE. But as promised, here are the details of the weekend for some recovery reading.

Friday morning started with more than the usual texts from Jane.  She can be quiet sometimes, part of her loner side I’ve learned to recognize.  This side is slowly abating as our relationship deepens.  She’s clearly very excited about the trip.  Also very nervous.  She doesn’t like flying, and reminds me again she’ll only fly for me.  It’s endearing and makes me feel very special.  I appreciate she does that for me, and make a point to tell her.  At the last minute she suggests I download ‘Words with Friends’ so we can play during her flight.  Unfortunately it’s a bust because she’s unable to get connected to the wifi on the plane. Always the little things.

My brother and I have been hanging out in Bar Harbor for a few days already.  I drove him to the airport midday, after moving my stuff to the inn where Jane and I will be be for the weekend.  Quaint room, barely big enough for the huge king bed it accommodates.  Clearly only one thing we’ll be doing here.

After seeing my brother off, I grab a seat at the small airport’s pub, drink a beer and engross myself in a game to help time pass until she arrives.  The middle-aged barmaid is cute, curvy, and sassy and flirts with me, insisting I have another despite my objections. I eventually cave.

The attention feels nice even though it’s not going anywhere.  The difference in the sexual dynamic with her is interesting, maybe because I’m relaxed; less vested in a chase.

I see Jane before she sees me. Her gait is soft, but poised and with purpose.  She even walks seductively.  When her eyes catch mine, the only noticeable difference in her demeanor is the sly smile that forms at one corner.  We embrace and kiss, and quickly fall into a very comfortable rhythm.  We’re both very excited, but containing ourselves right now.  During the hour drive back to town, she’s amazed at the beauty of the area.  There’s a subtle difference in our interaction, more gf/bf; still very sexual, but also more close friends.

I imagine it to be similar to what you experienced with Charloltte in Napa.  A little less emphasis purely on sex and a little more with them letting their hair down. I enjoy that difference immensely.

At the inn we go up to the room, close the door, and the real embrace happens.  Not primal, just heart-felt.  We’ve really missed each other.  We get changed to go out for dinner. Just when I think we’ll actually make it out the door without jumping each other, I press her against a wall and deliver a long kiss.

As I pull away she says “Oh no, you can’t expect to do that and then stop”.

And so it begins… in a very sexy way.

Clothes peel off faster than you would think possible. Within seconds she is gloriously bare, leaning against the edge of the bed.  My heart skips a beat in anticipation, just before my primal side kicks in.  She lies down and inches her way up the bed, I’m slowly following on all fours over her, our eyes locked.  My stamina has improved from the workouts.  Afterwards, our hearts pound as I’m propped over her.  She likes me to remain inside her as long as possible afterwards. Very endearing.

We are frozen here for this moment, bathing in the afterglow. She looks up at me with a heart-wrenching longing, and tells me how much she loves me.

I couldn’t ask for a better start to the trip.

We walked over to one of the best restaurants in town, where the staff now knows me from the few days with my brother earlier in the week. The female bartender had just gotten married earlier in the week.  I had a conversation with her the previous night about my divorce.  She asked if I was going to do internet dating, and I said probably not. Those sites just take too much time and are seem overly populated with men.

Tonight, she clearly sees me with a stunning, sexy young woman. When Jane is out of earshot she asks “Is she some online thing?”  I can’t help but smile at how loaded the question is, and how much the real answer would shock her.

“No, we met in person.”

She tells me I’m old-fashioned.

I’m laughing even now as I type this. Yeah – we’re *real* old-fashioned.  Although it *is* the oldest profession…

One of the nicest things was I got to see more of the *real* Jane.  Not the persona she puts on for her clients.  Her true self.

She doesn’t like Pinot Noir.  She doesn’t even really like wine.  I’m somewhat of a foodie and drink aficionado, so I’ve been working to find her tastes.  I’ve finally nailed it.  She likes simple “girly” drinks, so I introduce her to all sorts of classic cocktails that she loves.  It feels good getting to know someone and being able to use your knowledge of them to find things they’ll like.  That’s normal with the usual dating process, but it’s been slower in this case because of the professional persona.

To be continued…

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  1. Lol WWF!! I swear you can find SD on that game. I have like 3 guys flirting with me on it when I didn’t even start/initiate it. It’s pretty funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      I play a lot of PS4 online…last week I was repeatedly killed in BF4 by “SuffoKate” she stalked and dog tagged me at every turn. I admit it was a lot of fun

      Liked by 1 person

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