Double Date

I don’t know if there’s a term for a semi-pro blind double date, but I definitely experienced one this weekend.

Roy and I have been corresponding for months and decided to finally meet in person.  Dinner on a Saturday night.  He brought Jane.  I brought Stacy.  Neither couple had any idea what the other even looked like.  Recipe for a great night or an utter disaster.  I was just hoping that Roy wasn’t my doppelganger.  We have so much in common, it is uncanny.  Jane and I have a mutual friend, but have never met.  I booked a session with her once, but cancelled it to go to Chicago on short notice, and the opportunity never resurfaced.  Fortuitous, as this might have made for an awkward moment or two, which was now conveniently avoided.

To continue the strand of bringing new things to this blog, I’m going to break this into two parts. Part one is my perspective. Part two will be Roy’s

Part 1 – Stacy and I

We decided ahead of time this would be a civilian date, so no swinging or sex clubs on the menu.  Just dinner and maybe a bar or two afterwards.

Stacy was a little nervous. Wanted to be sure she looked good enough to be in the company of a high end professional. She booked a makeup session.  I bought her a dress and underwear to match.  I am still not smooth with the whole SD thing. I actually found the dress in the Detroit airport.  There are a few small cute shops in DTW, so not as tacky as it sounds.  I did a u turn heading for my gate when I saw the mannequin in the window.  The dress fits perfectly.

Stacy and I end up rolling around naked while getting dressed, and wind up being very late to the restaurant.

It is all her fault.  We would have totally been on time had a certain part of me not ended up in a certain part of her.

I am a little nervous when we arrive. This will either be a very fun evening or a total disaster.  The place is a steakhouse.  Dark. We have a table in the back that is somewhat private.

Roy and I have a million things to talk about, but try not to overpower the conversation with our new found bromance. The waitress was a pleasure. The food was very good. Stacy and Jane also hit it off.  There is a funny series of moments, where the restaurant has lost two bottles of wine from their list out of the vault.  The waitress kept coming back to the table, another one missing.  Finally Roy picks a winner and she locates it. Success.

There is a moment where our dates disappear to the ladies room for an extended period. Obviously letting Roy and I talk a bit in private.  He fills in the gaps for his separation and divorce experience.  It was a tough road. Gives me a glimpse of what may lie ahead for me.  We also discuss the long term sexless marriage problem.  This issue is not exclusive to men. Through the blog I have also met more than a few women in this boat as well.  Minutes go by. We realize our dates aren’t coming back, pay the check and go searching.

We find them smoking and conspiring out front.  The ladies have decided on a dive bar that is famous for our town. I’ve never been, Roy is up for it.  We stroll over.  Roy and I remarking more than once about this surreal life we have uncovered.

He and I are hanging back talking. Jane and Stacy make their way into the bar, leaving us outside. Roy and I walk in no more than 5 minutes later and they have already made new friends.  Some girls commented on Jane’s ass when they walked in, and already their new found girl friends are buying shots for them.  Jane ends up with proposal for a lingerie photo shoot out of it. Stacy is hypnotizing guys as she queues up the juke box in her little black dress.  She parted them like the red sea. We are not in here more than 10 minutes and our dates are the center of attention.  Sitting there, I realize slowly I have been in this place before…in a drunken haze decades ago. Some things change, some remain constant.

The evening concludes well after midnight.  All in all a nice night out with new friends.  Not too drunk, but drunk enough.  We walk them back most of the way to their hotel, then hop an Uber back to our place. I’ve rented a small house for our overnight.  A casita.  Stacy and I are eager to get back to our love shack to continue our evening. I’m sure Roy and Jane have the same thought.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chrissysugar says:

    It seems you and Stacy are really enjoying each other lately. I’m happy for you and quite jealous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks Chrissy. I have certainly kissed my share of frogs to get to this point.LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stacy sugar says:

    I am definitely enjoying him 😉 my world is infinitely better just for knowing him.


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