Double Date Part 2: Jane and Roy

Before I begin my part of this narrative, I feel the need to set the stage a bit. This is Jane and I’s first date in the open. Slowly I am integrating her into my RL.  Before tonight, the only person who knew about Jane was my brother.  Going forward, everyone will know.  We have a cover story for how we met:   UE is a guy I know through work and he introduced us…Now back to tonight.


In reality, UE and I met through the blog. One of his early regulars is a friend of Jane’s.She and suggested a double date would be fun.  By this time though, he is much more exclusive with a select-few women, and after considering showing up solo, asks if he can bring Stacy.  Of course he can.  I bring Jane quickly up to speed on her.  This should be fun, but also weird.  Embrace the unconventional.

During our planning, UE and I agree this won’t be a lesson in sharing.  Jane reminds me they were supposed to meet at one point, but has no problem handling it if it gets weird.  I’m not worried, but can’t say I’ve dealt with this particular scenario before.

The day of, Jane asks where we’re going so she can dress appropriately.  I tell her we didn’t nail a specific place down, so we’ll just stroll around.  She packs some jeans and a t-shirt with some comfortable shoes for walking.  I touch base with UE, and he’s picked a nice steakhouse.  Also picked up a cute little black dress for Stacy.  I relay that to Jane, who’s already on her way over to meet me at my hotel.  She panics a little – we we’re supposed to be walking and she didn’t pack anything fancy!  Noooo!  She’ll turn around and grab her sexy long black gown.  I’m laughing.  I tell her to be comfortable, be herself.  We decide the cute casual cotton dress she already packed will be perfect.  She did get her nails done, so the day is saved.

The door to my room is ajar in preparation for her arrival.  She enters and when I look up, it takes my brain a second to register how much I adore that face.  Then the perma-smile forms.  I can’t remove it if I wanted.  We are hugging, kissing, groping, and she asks if we can fuck right now.  Perma-smile.  Clothes tear off and we lay down on the bed naked, kissing, thirsty for each other’s touch.  An intense first session in mish to connect, followed by some talking and laughing.

Jane makes a joke about walking into the restaurant with sex hair, which sends me into a laughing fit.  The joke wasn’t that funny, there is something else going on.  I can’t stop laughing.  A second longer session, very primal, I’m exerting my dominance, testing and pressing the limits, and she loves it.  Lots more naked talking, we have plenty of time.  Some indeterminate amount of time passes, and Jane looks at the clock – its much later than we realized.  We’re going to be late.  We’re rushing to get ready, almost get interrupted by round three in the shower, when I get a text:

“We’re running a little late.  I bumped the reservation.  Apologies.”

UE mentioned the similarities, right?

We arrive at the restaurant before them, order some cocktails.  She asks if I’m nervous.  Not really, but what if we don’t have anything to talk about.  I wonder out loud if I should avoid hobby topics, Jane doesn’t see how that’s possible.  We see a small boy and girl approach the reception podium together.  Jane says “What if they’re really short and that’s them”.  We’re both laughing hysterically.  Yeah, this will be fun.

They arrive and after brief introductions, the conversations quickly start.  There’s a good deal more frankness in my responses.  When asked what we did all afternoon, I admit we were naked-talking and lost track of time, instead of the politer “hanging-out”.  The waitress apologizes profusely after not being able to find several of my wine choices.  Stacy teases the waitress under feigned breath. Lets her know that the wine is no big deal. We all laugh. The waitress is relaxed.  I’m having too much fun to care much about eating, let alone the wine.

It’s about the company…

Stacy excuses herself to the restroom, and after a good bit of time, Jane does also.  UE and I take the opportunity to discuss the separation process.  It is messy, even with the best-intentioned couples.  Feelings are hurt no matter how much you try to spare them.  Including your own.  I mention our dates have been missing for a while.  We pay and leave.

As expected, we find them out front talking.  They interact as if they’ve known each other much longer than just tonight.  They’ve clearly bonded.  Stacy cajoles the valet into taking a group photo, necessary to document the first date.  UE and I follow the women to the next stop, happy in the moment.

The ladies have decided on a dive bar.  They enter the bar a couple minutes ahead of us, and by the time we arrive, they’ve huddled over the jukebox.  I head over to get their drink orders, and an entire table is busy admiring and complimenting Jane’s ass, which she is proudly displaying.  I’m amused – my ex would have had a very different reaction in similar circumstances.  I’m enjoying this.  Jane announces “Let’s do shots!”.  But before we can even get the shots, one of the girls from their new fan group beats us to it and carries a handful of shots to them.  UE and I are chuckling at the turn of events, how quickly they’ve commanded the room.

We find an unoccupied table and sit.  We’re joined shortly by the ladies, and Jane tells us she was just approached by someone to do lingerie modeling as she shows me the card.  Very likely legit, given her stunning looks, but it *is* also a classic line.  Stacy and UE are very cozy, lots of cute kisses and a few really long ones.  Jane is watching them, and admits she can’t avert her eyes.  We steal a few long moments ourselves, allowing brief expressions of the passion that’s usually only displayed in the bedroom.  Its safe here, dark and anonymous.

The ladies leave us again.

We catch up to them outside and start walking back towards the hotel.  Stacy and Jane are walking ahead of us hand-in-hand.  I’m certain that if this had been a double date with wives instead, we would not be witnessing this particular dynamic.  I’m enthralled with it, and find myself trying to understand the underlying element.  The analytic side of me, sometimes best to just experience the moment.

Close to the hotel, UE and Stacy grab a cab, and Jane and I walk the remainder of the way talking.  We talk about the nights events, how much fun we had.  We people watch, making humorous comments about the random people out at this time.  Jane tells me how utterly happy she is at this moment.  I feel it also.  I throw out “Wouldn’t it be nice to feel this all the time?”.    A breathless “Awww” with that heart-wrenching longing as she grabs my arm and pulls herself closer.  In my memory, the scene is all in soft focus.

When we arrive back at the hotel room, we are both a little damp from the walk.  We opt to take a shower.  She is already under the cool water when I step in behind her, her hands splayed on the tile in front, her head arched back with the water cascading down her body.  I’m torn between being still to hold the moment and vision, and the impulse to ravage her.  The latter wins.  I’m raw energy as I pounce on her, my hands exploring until my fingers are working her hard until she cums quickly in a full body orgasm.  We make our way to the bed, half dripping, a trail of damp towels in our wake.  We are pleasuring each other, working one other into a sexual frenzy.  She motions for me to move down as she turns around and straddles my face and begins sucking me furiously.  I’m in heaven.  My tongue works every inch of her beautiful wet folds with equal eagerness.  The game is on – who can make the other lose focus first.  After a long and energetic battle, she wins.  So do I.  She tells me how much she loves feeling me climax in her mouth, and then collapses on her stomach into a soporific daze at the edge of the bed.  I kneel at the side of the bed to caress her, in utter awe of this woman.

A reverie of moments later, the lights are turned out, we are curled up under the covers, my naked body pressed up against hers, my arms wrapped around her, hands clasped.  My favorite moment – I live for this.

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  1. chrissysugar says:

    It seems you have more of a bf gf relationship than a clientele basis.

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  2. Roy says:

    We’re crossing over, have been slowly. That’s part of the real challenge, navigating that. But curious what specific observation leads you to say that?

    Liked by 2 people

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