The Casita

We rented a tiny house for our overnight. Three rooms plus a bathroom, and less than 500 square feet.  Freshly restored and in an older part of town that is coming back. It is just a few blocks from one of the main nightlife areas of the city.  After our date with Jane and Roy…

A little too drunk and eager to undress each other, we arrive at the casita shortly after 1 am.  Kissing and groping, we get the door unlocked and nearly fall inside.  I kick the door closed and we stand in the tiny living room making out. The black dress pools around her ankles with a little help from me once the zipper is undone. There is a small 9 ½ weeks moment as she stands in black lingerie backlit by a streetlight through the blinds. Breathtaking.

She allows me to stare for a moment before attacking my shirt buttons and belt.  My pants are crumpled on the floor not far from her dress in no time.

Lips locked. Hands roaming, we continue for another few moments.  Sliding to her knees she kisses her way down my abdomen.  Her lips teasing me through the cotton of my underwear. Finally she slides me free and gives me a small sample of what is to come in the next room. Standing back up, she unhooks her bra with a sly grin, and leads me through the little kitchen to the bedroom beyond.

Tumbling onto the mattress we are naked and alone at last. Consumed with each other, we slide together. Still kissing and groping all the while. Our moans amplified by the wooden floor.

People are heading home for the night in the street outside.  Their laughter outside is the backdrop to the noise we are making in here.  We are insatiable.  Each time I think we are spent, she revives me.

Finally we end up exhausted, panting and drenched in sweat. We make our way out to the back stoop to enjoy the night air. Wrapped in only a white towel, she enjoys a smoke.  Sitting outside in the dark, the chemistry is still palpable.  The hour is late. We finish up our evening talking.  Probably getting too close. Boundaries are fading. I feel like we have known each other forever.

The night has quieted down. Bars are all closed. The street is empty and dark.  There is no moon.  Time to sleep. We are comfortable in the bed together somehow. Something we enjoy together.  Relaxing, calm and accepting. Both ways. Spooned up, I drift off with her in my arms.

In the morning, our clothes are everywhere. We laughingly pick up, get dressed, and head out.

Time to make our way back to RL.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Can’t wait for the other perspective on this story!

    Brilliant writing and a great story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. R. Patience says:

    She has an insatiable sex drive. A wonderful gift.


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