Things are crazy at work.

My boss has a new boss and she is nervous about it.  I have had to be on top of my game for days on end.  Time for release… Paula. The sex is great, but in the end something is still missing.

I book a room at our usual boutique hotel, dress for the occasion and wait for her.  She is half an hour late, but stunning nevertheless.  Terra cotta knit dress. Skin tight, off the shoulder and short. Big brown eyes staring up at me in apology for her tardiness.  Perfect.

Grabbing a handful of her wavy dark hair, I lead her over to the couch and bend her over the arm without speaking.  Pulling the dress up over her waist while using her hair to hold her still, I spank her ass as hard as I can.  She whelps. Half pain, half glee.  I catch a glimpse of a wicked smile as I turn her head sideways to pull her up for a rough kiss.  I can feel myself steeled against her thigh.

Biting her lower lip, I draw back and resume spanking.  She whimpers a little each time my hand strikes home.  I pause for a minute to pull myself free of my slacks. Positioning my cock directly under her lips I take my time to slather it with her wetness. I strike home twice more.  She is ready. Her face is pressed sideways into the sofa cushion.  Makeup smeared on the gray fabric. Staring up at me sideways, I can see it in her eyes.  “Fuck me already!”

My cock slides slowly inside her. I begin a slow rhythm.  Penetrating deep and slow, taking my time.  Keeping a fistful of hair the whole time.  My other hand gripping her breast.  I have her firmly pinned against the arm of the couch. Taking time to savor every slow deep stroke.  I draw it out as long as possible. She begins demanding. “Faster. Harder. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I acquiesce, and start driving deeper and harder in an ever increasing pace.

I can feel myself ready to come, but hold back.  She is getting louder and louder; On the verge of screaming.  I put my hand over her mouth. She bites down hard on a finger as we come together in an explosion. I’m sure that finger is coming off, but don’t care right now.  I feel like a fire hose that has finally been allowed free.

We remain frozen in that position for several minutes. She is bent over the arm of the couch. I am pressed up against her.  My head laying on her back. We both are a little shaky. Finally, I lever myself up and step back.  Her right cheek is cherry red.

I brought some sliced fruit.  We sit on the couch and start devouring the bowl.  Giggling.

It becomes obvious that I am very turned on by this control. Finally becoming comfortable.  Furthermore, she is enjoying the hell out of it.  After our short hiatus, I move her to the office chair in the room. Bend her over the back, and tie her to the arms with a pair of old silk neckties I brought along.

She is stripped naked this time.  A little more spanking and a few minutes of fucking her, and the chair, into a wall (it is on wheels, LOL).  However, her height is slightly off for the chair.  We can’t quite get everything moving in the right direction, so I untie her and we move to the bed.

I lay her back with my left hand on her throat.  She is at the edge of the bed and her feet are still on the floor. I slide the two middle fingers of my right hand as deep into her pussy as they will go. Holding her down, I work her into a frenzy.  Starting slowly, but building into a wet, loud, moaning, begging mess, until again she is ready.

She doesn’t say a word, but it is written all over her face.  “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I flip her over, move her the rest of the way up onto the bed, climb on, and slide home. She lets out a huge moan of release as I penetrate as deeply as possible.  My intention is to start slowly again. She is having none of it.  Fast, hard, deep and soaking wet. We pound and pound away.  More than once, I stop us cold and try to start over again slowly. However, this is to no avail. We are like a steam engine.

She starts whimpering “It hurts! It hurts!” however we’ve talked about this moment before. This is really my queue to get rougher and fuck her harder.  Clinging to the trust we have built, I start spanking her with my free hand while pounding her pussy with my cock as hard as I can.  Moaning, crying, and screaming. I can’t tell if she is in ecstasy or pain. All I know is she hasn’t told me to stop.  Somewhere in the middle of this, I decide to stop over thinking and lose myself to it.  Intoxicating. Time slows down. She comes hard at one point, but I am not I am not even close to climax. Keep going.  More. More. More.  She is yelping about the pain, but still has not asked me to stop. Finally, after a few more minutes, I build myself into a crescendo.  She has wound up again also, and has another orgasm as I let loose. Her body goes rigid on the outside while I can feel her quivering on the inside. I collapse, panting.

OK I really needed that. LOL.

The rest of the afternoon continues this way. Finally she is truly too sore, and I am completely spent. At the end of the session, we have our usual wrap up talk. Both of us all smiles.

After she leaves I remain in the room to regroup.  Thinking back over what was undoubtedly a fantastic sexual session, something was missing.  We managed to carry on our usual conversation between rounds, but it is obvious we have plateaued with our connection. The sexual chemistry is electric. Intellectually we always have something stimulating to talk about.  However, emotionally we have not progressed.  This leaves me with 2 out of 4.

Not enough. Not nearly enough.

Crazy. Here I am having mind blowing sex with a hot young Columbiana.  She is into it and we are having great fun.  However, somehow this is not enough for me.  The universe is trying to tell me something.

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  1. I can tell you are really turn on by control. You would make a great Dom.
    Maybe that’s you’re thing? In any case…it’s nice for the imagination 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks. I am starting to see the light with that. I have a lot to learn there though. we’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. chrissysugar says:

    What do you think the universe is trying to tell you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      I think I am being reminded once again, that it is about more than the sex. I also need intimacy and a connection.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Miss Evelyn says:

        Maybe it’s time for a gf.


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