I let Paula know yesterday that I wanted to end our arrangement.

She was pretty cool about it. We have been very frank about the arrangement since the beginning. It was agreed in advance that if one of us came to this point, we would be open about it. We are going to see each other one last time on Wednesday, then call it quits. For a 20 year old, she surprises me. She will do well in life.

Paula’s is hot, and the sex is off the chart.  We have a cool vibe together and get along well. She is intelligent, articulate, and passionate about her studies.

However, there is that quiet moment when we are laying naked together that is missing something for me.  It is very FWB. There is no real connection between us. It is the same with some of the escorts and is perfectly fine for ad hoc sessions. However, with an arrangement, I see now that I want more.

In hindsight it is obvious that ultimately I would have had to choose between the two arrangements: Stacy or Paula.

I choose the connection: Stacy.

She is also hot, intelligent, articulate, funny and a demon in the sack. Plus she and I have this one extra piece together. A piece that will surely be trouble for us both in the end.

I see Stacy in a much different light. We had dinner over the weekend at one of those salad buffet places. She met me there after work. Salad and a bowl of soup. No sex. No session. Just a simple meal. Afterwards we held hands and walked around the PetsMart looking at fish.

I am crossing a line here.  I know she feels it too. Neither of us is in the right place for a relationship. Yet, here we are.

Timing is everything.

We’ve talked it over this weekend. Our arrangement will evolve a bit. Formalizing support, time spent, boundaries etc.

I prefer the term mistress over SB. An old fashioned term, but well understood.


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  1. Stacy sugar says:


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    1. uehobbyist says:

      you are too cute! Spying on my blog 😉 you know I like attention.

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  2. Max says:

    This is the ultimate irony for us hound dogs -we are soldiers of love pressing our campaign to relieve womanhood of a sexless existence and to spread our seed far and wide-the wider the better . But –in the end many of us tire of sex for it’s own sake and pursue an emotional connection . I get where you are coming from . On the surface most readers would say “are you crazy? ‘ You are passing on a girl who has is a 9 or 10 ,maybe an 11 ,but it is not good enough . I would love to have a Paula in my life. But then I don’t have a Stacie either . My current SB provides nothing more than a pleasant interlude and a relief of pent up pressure -without either a sexual or emotional connection . Willingness in the sack is a far cry from a sexual connection . You have worked hard to realize your needs -and go after them .

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      All of this is definitely unexpected. In the beginning, I was just happy to get back to getting laid on a regular basis again…but after a few months, I started talking to the women ‘between rounds’ . Lo and behold they are interesting, intelligent, articulate and glad for some normal conversation. Not all of them, mind you..but a few. Now 18 months in, here we are. things never turn out like you think they will. 😉

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  3. TheBloggingSD says:

    Wise choice! I think that’s something that I came to appreciate, the connection.

    Plus I liked Stacy right from the beginning – I’m a big fan of hers!

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  4. Stacy sugar says:

    Thank you! I will be honest, I feel some pressure to satiate all his needs. Overall I feel really special and incredibly comfortable.

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  5. R. Patience says:

    Well I was a fan of Paula for sure. Purely from her style of sex, but I totally understand where you are coming from. There is that something extra that’s hard to put into words. Either way it looks like you had a winner.


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