Mind if I Take a Shower?

Stacy breezes through my gate late morning on Monday.  Not entirely planned.  Not entirely unplanned.

“Mind if I take a shower here?”

I follow her into the big shower off the master bedroom.  Since it is in the back of the house, it takes a while for the water to heat up.  I’m a little mesmerized as she strips.  I forget to take my own clothes off for a moment, but not for too long.  She steps inside to test the water.

“It’s still cold. Why is it taking so long?”

I stand up against her back. Take her throat gently in my hand.

“Because I’m not ready for it yet.” Forcing her a little bit into the cold spray.

Grabbing a fist full of hair, and moving my other hand up to hold her chin, I pull her face around for a kiss.  I can feel myself growing hard. Slowly coming up to greet her lips underneath.

We stand there for a moment. Kissing, squirming, rubbing. The water gradually heats up.  She glides done to her knees and takes me in her mouth. Working back and forth, she takes me a little deeper each time. After a few strokes, when she is at the deepest point,  I take hold of her hair and hold her in position. Gradually forcing myself deeper in her throat. Waiting for the gag. Deeper and deeper, until finally she gives the slightest indication that it is enough. Still I hold her there for a moment longer. Enjoying myself. The feeling is awesome. Deep, warm with the slightest edge of teeth at the top.

Finally, I release her, and she slowly withdraws, her eyes smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

Resuming her shower, she stands and grabs the the shampoo. She goes on about her routine, lathering her hair with me still up against her back.  The shampoo slides down my chest. She reaches back once or twice to see if all of me is paying attention to the little show she is not putting on.

She moves on to lathering her body with a bar of soap.  Soaping up her breasts and stomach. Dropping the soap once or twice, with Sly smile. Next, she  shaves her legs.  Slow and smooth.  Finally when the last leg is done. She holds a pose with one foot perched on the bench, while looking back at me over her shoulder.  I pull her hair with one hand and grab a hip with the other.  I take a moment to rub my stiff cock against the underside of her wet lips. Drawing myself from back to front a few times.  I pause at the end of the last stroke, hold for a moment, then slide inside. I force her forward against the wall. She reaches out a hand to steady herself.

I press hard and deep. Our intensity builds. The rhythm quickens.  We both get lost in it. Her head is banging against the tile as I push harder and harder.   I begin to worry it is too much.  She hasn’t said anything, but I stop for a moment…a slow tease

Patience is my only virtue. .

She reaches back and grabs my ass. Pulling me against her. “Don’t stop. HARDER.”

I grab her hair again, press her face against the wall and resume. Pumping as hard as I can.  Driving her.  Faster and faster. Building.  Her voice echoes in the room.  A crescendo of moans and cries.  Her hands gain purchase on the wall again. She presses herself back against me. Holding both of her ass cheeks in my hands, I continue to pound,  until finally we both let go in one final thrust.

She quivers and warm water splashes my back, as we remain standing there for a few moments. I am trembling.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Just a regular swing by to use the shower?

    Either way… good for you. This Stacy character continues to impress!

    Liked by 1 person

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