One Last Time – Last Session With Paula

Paula arrives for our final session early in the afternoon.

A new pair of jeans and a thin green sweater.  She bought them to wear for me today.  The outfit is so tight it could have been painted on.  She is fresh from an exam, and in a good mood about it. She did well.  We talk a little bit about ending the arrangement.  We’ve enjoyed our sessions, and left it open to keep in touch in a non-sexual way. We have become friends.  She is still bugging me to get a physical and wants to see the results.  LOL.

We are quiet for a moment. She sits on the bed smiling.  Mental picture.  Shoulder length wavy dark hair. Chocolate eyes. Perfect figure. Anticipating.

I kiss her and instruct her to get undressed.  She peels everything off. Wiggling out of the jeans. Commando underneath. …So very Paula.

I imagine half the guys sitting in that exam an hour ago would kill to trade places with me right now.

“Kneel on the mattress. Face away from me. Put your hands behind your back.”  A subtle smile creeps on her lips as she turns.  I bind her hands. Lightly enough they feel loose, but she won’t get them free without significant effort.

I pause a moment. Standing beside the bed. Admiring her from behind and slightly above. From my view over her shoulder, I can see her left breast rise and fall with each breath. Silently, I make her wait.

Time to begin.

Grab a fistful of hair, and pull her head to the side. Lightly, I put my lips to her neck. Small whimpering moans.  Run my hands down the front of her body, stopping at her small trimmed triangle.  She is already wet. I work that to my advantage. Massaging her clit while holding  an earlobe in my teeth.

More whimpering moans.

Her breathing picks up.  Pause a moment, then force her face down to the sheets.  Still on her knees.  Ass in the air. I lick her pussy.  Slowly. Like an ice cream cone.  Normally she is a little awkward with this. In the past she has always seemed a little uncomfortable with me paying attention down here. I make her endure it.  Take my time. Savor each lick. She is getting really wet. I pull back. Frustrated moan. Arching herself up for more. I come back, with my tongue and a finger.  Teasing her slowly.  Working her up to a frenzy.

Unexpectedly she speaks up: “More fingers please.” Ok this is heading in the right direction.

I insert another, but make her do all the work.  Hips moving.

Again: “More fingers please.”  In goes the ring finger. Dripping wet. Back and forth.

Finally, begging:  “Give me the four!” She is extremely tight, but so wet that I am able to jam my pinky in there.  She falls forward off her knees. I kneel on the bed, grab her hair with my left hand and work her as hard as I can with my right in deep.  She struggles against the restraints while squirming against my hand. She is completely given over to lust.

With a loud scream, she comes in a huge orgasm. Shuddering. Completely soaked. She lays there panting for a minute. I slowly withdraw.  Ok, that was incredible.

After a moment, she recovers. Still tied, she turns and beams a huge smile, giggling. “Your still completely dressed!”

I undo the restraint and allow her to roll over. She watches me undress.  I mount the bed.  My turn. Kneeling behind her, I pull her by the throat against my chest. She straddles her legs back around me and I work myself inside.  Slowly now. She is wet and warm. I take my time. Enjoy myself.  She gyrates her hips and I just go with her flow.  I lose all concentration and hang on.  My chest against her back. Still holding her throat with my hand. Gyrating, squirming, gyrating, squirming…Never picking up speed. Lana Del Ray is playing in the background. I explode, holding her tightly against me with my free arm.

I fall back into the pillows. She extracts herself off of me with a satisfied smile.

It takes me a moment to recover my breath. Then we crawl naked under the sheets together and engage in our usual conversation.  School, work, etc.  Always interesting with her.

I didn’t bring any food this time. Forgot in my rush to get over to the hotel.  So instead we snuggle up a little. Unusual for Paula. She never snuggles.

She’s tired. Has been studying for days. Admits she is coming down from the exam pressure and that big O released the last of it.  Sleepily she rubs her butt against me.  Notices I am arousing again already.  Sly smile. She reaches back massages me to attention. We begin again.

Our session continues like this, and we enjoy our final time together immensely.  A little melancholy at the end. More snuggling.  She is looking for a new SD, and kindly says I will be very hard to replace.  We do have a good vibe together. I’ve enjoyed our time together also, and will miss her.  I do not regret my choice though.  Paula and I are comfortable together. The sex is great, and she turns me on. However, I need more than this. Laying in bed at the end, I am already thinking of the next time I will see Stacy.

Finally, we are done. Get dressed and kiss our goodbyes.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sleeplesskoko says:

    O WOW!! This is hot, hot..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds hot!
    and I love Lana Del Rey!
    almost seems a little bittersweet when these things end. I’m sure you’ll keep in touch. Could probably use each other as references, I’ve done that before (as have the SD’s I know).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. R. Patience says:

    Fucking hell. No idea how you were able to walk away from experiences like that. She’s incredible.


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