This is an Affair

I spent the weekend with Stacy. This is now an affair.

I admit it. My pass is out the window.  We talked a lot about what we have here.  There are some strong feelings.  We both need help in our lives and are looking to each other for many pieces of that.

She wants to feel safe and have someone stable that gives back.  I want an emotional connection and someone to pay attention.

We talked about the bounds of this new relationship and our expectations. Her marriage is finished. She is ready for a new start. My marriage is in limbo, and I need to be patient. This sets the scales to be unfair to her from the start.

We address that inequity directly by structuring our arrangement and commitments to one another.  Going steady with a few rules. I’ll still see providers occasionally. She has open options as well.

One of the key things we agree on is to be honest with each other about the hard stuff. We begin by talking about the end. If one of us is going to break it off, we’ll be direct.  No disappearing, or avoiding allowed.   Kind of a strange conversation. The intent is to further build trust for both of us.  She is convinced I will be the one to leave.  I’m convinced she’ll have me in the friend zone in no time.  LOL.  We’ll see.  A dark way to start a relationship, but who knows.  Maybe this is the secret.

Friday night we stay at a hotel.  Go to dinner at a local place. It’s packed. We eat at the bar.  She dresses for me. Jeans that fit perfectly and a long sleeve button down dress shirt. Powder blue and cut to show off her figure. Perfect.  We tell stories and are beginning to learn the back story of each other’s lives.  The place is a meat market.  A few hotels nearby. Full of travelling businessmen.  We spot a few pro girls in the crowd. Watch the action.

Saturday, she is house sitting for her mom. We end up a live show not too far from there. The place is an old local bar famous for the bands they attract.  We drink cheap beer, eat beans and rice and have a great evening.

The evening is capped off with some fantastic sex that I may or may not post about later this week.  Suffice to say that we end up on an old mattress with the perfect amount of spring for sex, and a headboard designed for gripping. She arouses me over and over.  She knows my triggers and buttons.  I also know hers.

I have no idea where this is going to lead, but I am giving myself over to it regardless. What the hell. Go for it.  Be happy.

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  1. (Some of your posts don’t show in my update feed unless I click on your profile)

    Things like this can be tricky. I went through it with Greg. We ended up parting cause it was better for both of us. We were getting to attached, despite being opened to each other seeing other people. We keep it as friends now, even though it’s been a few weeks since our last conversation.
    It’s understandable you fill voids in each other’s lives; I think that’s really what arrangements are all about. I have the same mind set as Stacy (who sounds lovely and is hot by the way, and I want to meet her!), I want someone secure and stable, to make me feel safe.
    It’s important to be honest. Especially about the dark stuff. It’s the first step in letting go and being free, IMO. If you can’t be honest with the person you’re in an arrangement with the what’s the point? Ya know? It kinda always felt like you guys had more of an affair than an arrangement. I started thinking that the last few posts with her in them. Nothing wrong with that! I can just tell it was going to be more than a sugar relationship and I was happy you found someone who ‘gets’ you and you can connect with, filling that emotional/attention void you were looking to fill. I’m happy for you.

    The place you guys went to reminds me of when I lived in VA and would go up to DC or Baltimore on the weekends lol. Ahh I miss it. I use to spot PRO’s all the time 😂

    But really, it’s good you guys are taking a minute to figure out what this is and what you guys have, want, and/or need. That’s good 🙂
    Take care of yourself UE. Don’t be shy with the emails if you need a private sounding board.

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  2. Stacy sugar says:

    I have been too shy to comment, i told ue no matter what happens i cant ever imagine not knowing him. I was waiting for him and i didnt even know. I cant explain how cherished he makes me feel. I am an extremely lucky girl.

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    1. You certainly are!
      I think it’s great what you guys have. It sounds like a beautiful relationship. You two definitely make each other happy.
      Even if you part, I know you’ll remain friends and connected. 🙂

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  3. DomMark says:

    As long as the two “H” words are met – happy and honest. You two should do just fine. Just be honest with each other and very clear of what each other wants. Im going trought something similar myself, best of luck to the both of you!

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