Don’t Get My Hair Wet

She likes my shower.

Stacy breezes through my gate like a dozen times before.  Looking radiant.  A nearly sheer button down top showing just enough cleavage.  Riveting.  It is nearly noon.

She is not here overtly for a shower, but that is where we quickly end up.  Naked and pressed together. She has her hair pinned back so it won’t get wet. good luck with that.

We have been talking lately about trust and dominance. Getting rough. Leaving marks.  Learning each other.  We had a lot of very good sex last weekend. I made sure she was thoroughly directed, spanked, hair pulled, and a little choked while I fucked her as I pleased. Morning and Night both days. Still plenty of territory to explore, but I am getting into it.  Finding my way.

Today, we started slowly.  Warming up in the water.  Kissing, holding hugging. My back is to the warm spray. She slides to her knees and takes me into her mouth. Equally warm and wet. I take her head in my hands to ensure she is moving as slowly as possible.  She submits, but not completely. Teasing me on the edge of what I want. Testing limits. She senses when I am ready for more.

Turning around, she grabs the bench. Spreads her feet apart, and looks back at me through damp bangs, with a wicked smile.  I grab a hip and slide myself home. She likes the very first moment of penetration.  I stretch it out as long as possible.  Slow and deep.  Pushing her face towards the wall. I put both hands around her neck and pull her body back into my thrust. Slowly building.  She is quiet at first, but it doesn’t last.

The tile echoes.

I stand her up while remaining inside.  Her right foot on the bench.  My right arm wrapped around her neck. My teeth on her shoulder. She is pressed into the wall corner. Face flush against the wall.  Her hands are trying to find purchase on the slick tile. I drive myself into her, while biting down on her skin.  The water continues to rain down on my back.  We find a good rhythm. Faster, harder deeper. Over and over. Louder and louder.

Our feet are slipping.  We move back to the center of the shower.  Bending at the waist, she puts her hands on the floor.  My back is braced against the wall. I use her hips to slide her back and forth. In and out.  Hard. Wet. Hot. Loud.  We are both close.  I am slamming her against my hips. She is pushing up off the floor with her hands to add to the frenzy.  Finally we both explode.  My back is braced against the wall while my cock is still deep inside her, throbbing.  A small quiver runs up her back.

We stay there moment, then she stands and comes around into my arms.  I hold her close. Hearts hammering. Panting.  Shower raining on our heads.  So much for not getting her hair wet.

Standing there together lasts a wonderfully long time.  No sound but the water. Perfect moment.

After we recover, we shower up a bit before the hot water runs out. Then, we head for lunch. Fast food at a Caribbean chicken place. Beans and rice for me. Mac and cheese for her. We talk about our jobs a bit.  Still finding things in common. We are very relaxed together.  Once again I am sitting with the most beautiful woman in the restaurant. Soon lunch is over, and we wander back to our separate days.  Both sated.

Sunday is her birthday.  I’ve got us a small place in a trendy area on the other side of the bay for the night.

We are planning a significant amount of sex. She wants marks for her birthday.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounded Exhilarating!!

    Happy early birthday to Stacy! 🎂🎁


  2. R. Patience says:

    Oh this sounds fun!


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