Haircut and a Beer

As I come through the door, Stacy is walking past. White dress with a small print and black spaghetti straps. Tight black apron over the outfit. Super hot.

Scarlet in Black

We’ve known each other a full year now. The vibe is FWB. Hooking up once a month or so, we know each other’s hot buttons.

Naked and Mine

She is like a violin now. Singing at my command. I slide my hand down her abdomen, through her warm triangle. Fingers sample her wetness…

On The Road in Vegas

The highlight of the week was meeting VegasSweetheart the first night of the trip. We have been corresponding for a while.

The Long Evening – Part 3

She is silent. Waiting. Face planted in the seat cushion. Hands to either side for support. I step up and give her a light spank. She yelps playfully.

The Long Evening – Part 2

I press myself in behind her. Pinning her against the sink facing the mirror, I grab a fistful of hair in one hand

The Long Evening – Part 1

She stops for a moment, and replies “yes sir” followed by her sexy rumbling chuckle. Then ever so slowly she goes back to the task at hand. I continue with my end of the bargain as well.

T Update

she has accepted a contract position for a sanctuary job outside the country. The facility lost their site manager and has asked her to step in.

Birthday Girl – Part 2

I wrap her wrists up in a white rope. I create a pair of rope handcuffs. She is mesmerized by the white rope as I wind the loops and tie off.

Time to get down to business.

Birthday Girl – Part 1

I arrange a one night getaway across the bay. Google some good bondage knots. Pack my toothbrush, an assortment of rope, carabiners, candles, a small board, and a box of condoms.


She is in my lap taking me into her mouth as the car mounts the on-ramp. I get a small head rush coming up to speed as she wetly brings me to full attention.