The strangest twist of my relationship with Stacy is accepting that someone would be focused on my pleasure. Inconceivable.

I was skeptical at first. Now I am coming to believe.

We’ve been looking for little sexy fun things to do. I asked her to meet me somewhere.  She ups the ante: pick her up, she will be delivering and I’ll be driving.

Morning. Bright light of day. I’m already getting hard thinking about it on the way to her place.

The seats in my car are high. No tint on the windows either.  We will be plainly obvious to anyone who glances over.

She is all grins when she bounces out her front door in a cute casual dress.

It is not long after 9am.   I opt for the interstate. Rush hour will be winding down and I am chicken to sit at a long light with an audience. She is in my lap taking me into her mouth as the car mounts the on-ramp.  I get a small head rush coming up to speed as she wetly brings me to full attention.

My jeep is more than a dozen years old. The suspension is shot. Each time I think I am going to lose it, the car hits a small bump. Knocking the rhythm off just enough to give me a delay.  She is un-deterred.

Her mouth is warm and wet. She is coaxing me slowly.  Glorius.  I’m the only car going the speed limit. In the center lane, people are cruising past gradually on either side.  We are putting on a full show.

Coming close again, but then I have to slow down to navigate a graded curve. She continues.  Relentless.  I’m barely back into another straight away before she has me back on the verge once again.  A bumpy patch provides enough distraction to buy me some more time.

A few more minutes and I am riding the edge of ecstasy. Difficult to concentrate, but can’t quite let go either. Finally, I can’t take it anymore. I exit the highway, down an on-ramp with a stop sign at the end. No cars.  I’ll just sit here another minute and let her have what she is after.  No luck. A pickup impatiently pulls up behind.  She has me totally worked up. Starting to lose my ability to think straight.

I take a right and find the first parking lot. A small empty office building with a handful of spaces.

I put the car in park, leave the engine running.  Put my head back against the head rest and close my eyes. Give way to the pleasure.  All focus and concentration escapes me now. She has me at her mercy. I lose track of all time. The engine is idling in the background.

Finally, I let go in what feels to me like an enormous explosion.  I have a handful of her hair. Squeeze tight.

She continues. Not relenting until she has every last drop. Mercifully, she finally stops, and lays her head in my lap… Looking up with a wicked grin. I am panting. Basking in the full body rush. 

I notice a sign directly in front of us on the wall. “Video Surveillance 24 hours”. LOL.

Another few minutes, and I am fully recovered. Good girl. Time for coffee 🙂

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