Birthday Girl – Part 1

She wants marks for her birthday.

I arrange a one night getaway across the bay.  Google some good bondage knots. Pack my toothbrush, an assortment of rope, carabiners, candles, a small board, and a box of condoms.

The place is a small one bedroom condo. Somebody’s grandmother lived her at one time.  Antiques, a big bed and a little kitchen. Perfect.  Strangely it turns out to be in a seniors only community (55+). We promise to be quiet. Lying.

The plan is to get there mid-afternoon.  Relax a bit, go out for an early dinner, and defile the condo all night.

We arrive just before 3, and are making out in the shower by 3:15.  “You really can’t get my hair wet this time.” sure thing baby…

The tub/shower combo is tiny, but we make it work. We end up with her bent over holding the back of the tub. I’m deep inside, and spanking her with my free hand.  She is alternating between moans and yelps with each swat. Not quiet at all.

Gladys, the next door neighbor, is probably dialing the police by now.

“He is beating her! I can hear it!”

Finally I give up on the spanking, clamp my left hand around Stacy’s mouth, and fuck her for all I’m worth. The tub is slick. I start to lose balance. Each time I get ready to come, my foot slips a little and I lose track.  I pull my hand back from her mouth and grab both hips. Concentrate on my rhythm. To hell with Gladys.

Stacy and I get into a good tempo.  Not too fast, not too slow.  I can tell she is getting impatient.  Riding the edge.

“Right there, right there!”

Finally, I am ready to explode.  My voice chimes in.

“Come for me baby.”

We both come hard.  Hips tightly in my hands, I hold on for a moment, throbbing inside her.

The moment passes. I turn her around and wrap her against my chest with both arms.  We are both panting. The only sound is the shower.

After a minute or two, we have recovered and finish washing up. Her hair is pretty wet again. However, I still think it looks great. I like the tousled, just-got-fucked-in-the-shower look.

Dinner is a few blocks away at the Hofbrauhaus. Her choice, but I love it.  We walk over.

Stacy is half polish, and my family is dutch/german.  Once again, we find things in common as we remember foods our mothers and grandmothers used to make on the menu. Sausages, sauerkraut, and potatoes along with good German beer.

It is a nice meal, but we don’t gorge ourselves since we are only partway through the agenda for tonight.  The place is loud. We people watch and listen to the oompah music for a little bit. Then, it is time to head back to the condo and put my rope skills to the test.

To be continued….

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  1. Stacy sugar says:

    I totally jerk off to these lol. No comment love though,i hope im not boring your readers

    Liked by 2 people

  2. DomMark says:

    glad you two hit it off 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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