Birthday Girl – Part 2

Birthday Girl – Part 2

We walk back to the condo in the dark, holding hands.  The evening is quiet with a slight breeze coming in off the bay. Stacy is in a little black dress that flutters in the wind.  Beautiful. 

We head straight for the bedroom when we get back.  She is wearing a negligee. Black satin covering her breasts, and lilac fishnet draped over her body.   The back is open.  So sexy…

I break out the supplies.

“Put your hands out in front of you, about two fists apart.”

I wrap her wrists up in a white rope. I create a pair of rope handcuffs. She is mesmerized by the white rope as I wind the loops and tie off.

Rope Handcuffs
Rope Handcuffs

Time to get down to business.

I lay her flat, face down, with her tied hands out over her head.

The plank is a ¼ in piece of cedar, 4” across and little over a foot long; light and fits well in my hand.

Experimenting with a few light spanks, she lets out a nice squeal with each swat.  No marks yet, so I strike harder. Listening for the safe word. Keep going. Harder each time.  Until finally I get to one that is too much. Her whole body arches up with it. The yelp is more surprise than pleasure.  No safe word, but I can tell she is just being tough now.  Her butt cheeks are a nice cherry color.

Time to move on.

I direct her to get on all fours on the bed. I kneel in front of her and she takes me into her mouth. Holding her head with both hands, I instruct:

“You can only have the tip.”

“Yes sir.”

Slowly she starts working the tip of my cock with her lips and tongue.  Each time she speeds up, or goes too deep, I hold her head still and reposition. She accepts the correction. Getting a feel for the pace I want.  Teasing suckling.  I lose myself to it for a few moments. She lets out a muffled moan. I forget my place for a moment and she takes me deep, with a look of naughty success in her eyes.  Intoxicating

I break free while I still have some vestige of control. Leaving her in place, I move around behind her. Soaking wet. Slip inside.

This is her favorite part: first penetration.  Teasing, I move slow and steady as deep as I can get, squeezing her hips tight. Hold.  She is squirming under my hands.  A low moan. Her head arched back in pleasure.  I do not have much control remaining of myself, and start sliding in and out.  Building up to a medium pace.  She wants faster, harder.  I stick to the rhythm I set.  Drawing her out.  Neither of us lasts very long with this. She comes just ahead of me, momentarily paralyzed with it.  I keep going. Driving her further.  No mercy.

We cry out together as I arrive a minute behind her.

My head rushes, as I remain in place.  She is twitching under my hands. The AC is running full tilt. We are both slick with sweat.

I am learning a few tricks of this control game.  A dinner candle dripping hot wax buys me some recovery time.  Still on her knees, she is yelping from the droplets.  I move the candle to random locations in the air above. She can’t tell where the next little sear of pain will originate…back, legs, butt.  She squirms with each drip.   Rolling her over I continue on her stomach and breasts.  Not as effective here because she can see me.  Need a blindfold next time.

We have the lights out in the room except for the candle I am holding.  I am a little mesmerized by the sight of her laying there in the fishnet. Tied hands above her head. One breast slightly peeking out of the top. I can feel myself stirring again. Enough with the candle, I need to fuck her some more.

I pull her to the foot of the bed.

Standing at the edge, I look into her eyes, put her knees over my shoulders and lean forward. The backs of her thighs are pressed on my chest as I enter slowly. I reach up with one hand and hold down the center of her cuffs. Drive deep. She moans, what I consider the signature “Stacy” moan. Recorded permanently in my memory now.

I lean forward the rest of the way. Kissing her mouth deeply. She’s limber. Knees next to her ears.  Passionately kissing me back. My hips squirm against her butt cheeks.  My cock as deep insider her as humanly possible. We remain here trading tongues for a long time.  Seems like forever.This is a moment of pure ecstasy.

Heat is flooding through my veins. I am nowhere near orgasm, but the full body feeling is intense.  I savor it. My feet are still on the floor. She is completely pinned and bound underneath me.  Unable to do anything other than my will. She is mine.

I move to kissing her neck, start sliding in and out of her in a slow rhythm. She begs me to fuck her harder, faster.  I do not comply.

“This is my pussy. I’ll fuck it how I want.”

She nods assent.  I continue devouring the side of her neck.  She squirms underneath. Tries to pull her neck back.  Too much sensation.  I hold her down and continue. After a moment I move to her ear. The sensation builds for her. She can’t escape it.  Taking her earlobe in my teeth, I start pumping her faster and faster. Giving her what she asks.  Her body arches up against me in orgasm.

I release her ear, raise my chest up, but do not withdraw.  I am nowhere near done with her yet.  Keeping her knees over my shoulders, I place both hands on her hips and start fucking her again slowly.  She is not finished with the last orgasm. I move with it. Teasing it out for a few moments. She is breathing heavy. Sweat dripping from both of us.

I continue.  Our pace increases.  Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted back slightly. She is lost to it. Intermittent moans slip from her mouth.  I look down and watch myself slide in and out of her in long strokes. Steadily. To and fro.  Her lips are gorged. I am rock hard. The feeling is intense.

I stop myself occasionally with a deep thrust. Standing there holding her hips against me as I can feel every inch inside. Then begin again.  I bring her to orgasm after orgasm like this.  Until finally I too am consumed by it.  I explode in a huge orgasm that I feel head to toe. Standing in the afterglow, my thighs are trembling.  After a moment I collapse on the bed and we spoon up. The sheets are soaked.  Glorious.

After we recover, I untie her and we move out to the living room.  We sit longways on the couch watching TV.  She is propped against my chest between my legs, eating ice cream. Both of us in a blissful daze.  Aftercare is something she has been teaching me about. I enjoy it as much as the sex. A bonding moment. Quiet, yet celebratory.

Happy birthday baby.


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  1. Stacy sugar says:

    Super lady like when i say this…*cream*

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  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Well happy birthday to Stacy, looks like both of you guys enjoyed on this day!

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