The Long Evening – Part 1

“OMW Lover.” Seems like I’d been waiting days for that text.

I was in Detroit all last week, but booked a room for Stacy and I when I returned home.  Perfect for an uninterrupted night of sex and sleeping together.

She texted me a request a few hours before I checked in:  “Jack off before I get there.”

I’ve been up since 4:30, and it had been a long day. However, I took a shower as soon as I checked in, and did as I was told.

Half an hour later, she walks in and exhaustion fades away….

She is in a white button down dress shirt and jeans.  My favorite.  Perfectly beautiful.  It’s hard to describe how happy I am to see her.  I’ve been fantasizing about it all day.I kiss her right in the doorway.  It is clear we missed each other.

Stepping back, she models her outfit for a few turns and heads for the bathroom.  Baby wants a shower first. No peeking allowed.

After she is under the water, I sit in the bathroom without peeking around the curtain, and we catch up.  It has been a long week for both of us. Good to hear her voice.

When she is about done, I exit to wait on the bed.  She emerges in a white towel with a big smile.  Tumbling down on top of me, we reacquaint ourselves.  She pushes me back against the pillows, turns and backs up to my face.  I work my tongue into her folds as she takes me into her mouth.  I pull back for a moment to give a little direction:

“I’ve done like you asked, now you need to get that cock as hard as you possibly can before I give it to you.”

She stops for a moment, and replies “yes sir” followed by a sexy rumbling chuckle.

Ever so slowly she goes back to the task at hand.  I continue with my end of the bargain as well.  She smells and tastes fantastic.  We savor each other for a few moments, until finally I can’t concentrate anymore.

She wins.

I sink my head back into the pillows and drown in the sensation of her warm mouth sliding ever so slightly up and down.  She draws it out as long as possible.  Slow, hot wet….Just as I am getting ready to come, she pulls back.

Moving down the bed she gets on all fours, and looks back at me through tousled bangs.

I move up. Grab her hips and slide just the tip of myself inside. Stop there, and make her wait for it.

This is her favorite part.

Her hips squirm a little under my grip.  Inch by inch, I slip the rest of the way in. Then stop and hold again.  After a moment I reverse course. My pace is glacial.  Gradually, we increase our speed with each stroke. After a few more minutes I lean forward, grab a fistful of hair and bite into her shoulder.  She screams out in ecstasy. I keep my grip and start pumping faster and faster,  working her to a frenzy.  Arching her back, she comes hard.  I slow down to savor the feeling of her quivering inside.

However, I am not finished.  Still hard as a rock I take my time to enjoy her. Still sliding back and forth.

She is dripping wet.

My hands dig into her hips as she is held exactly where I want her.  “This pussy is mine.”  She replies softly “it’s yours, all yours…” Intoxicating.

Finally, I am overcome and explode.  We collapse onto the bed.  Out of breath and covered in sweat.

Aftercare is something I never knew I needed.  Laying there, holding her, I am content.  Amazing.

To be continued…



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your posts sound like you are Barebacking ? I hope you are

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Sorry man, I leave those pauses out of the post, but I am not barebacking. Always covered.


  2. Anonymous says:

    ue ,it seems as though you are falling for Stacy. I have loved your blog but I have to say it is more interesting when the variety is greater. A Player is more fun than a Stayer LOL .


    1. uehobbyist says:

      you caught me man. I’ll tell you that when Stacy reads what I write about us, she gets super turned on and the sex is even better the next time….so yes, You have spotted the cycle. Also I have to apologize to everyone that I have fallen behind a bit. Just a bit swamped at work. I am back from Vegas tonight and Stacy will be here in an hour for an overnight. 🙂 I should be able to catch up over the weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tampasugardaddy says:

        After reading your blog, David Montrose’s, and West Coast Sugar Daddy’s, I’m convinced to give blogging a try. Thanks for the experiences! Love hearing about your exploits in the Sugar Bowl. Some may say players may be more fun to read about than Stayers, but speaking from experience, nothing beats a strings-free yet completely intimate connection with a sugar baby. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading (and soon writing).

        Liked by 2 people

      2. uehobbyist says:

        Thanks man! I have evolved and learned a lot about myself as this blog has grown. The intimacy is especially much more important to me than I realized in the past. Looking for ward to yours.

        Liked by 2 people

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