T Update

T’s father had a heart attack Friday night.  He survived, spent a few days in the ICU and is going home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, she has accepted a contract position for a sanctuary job outside the country.  The facility lost their site manager and has asked her to step in.  The original offer was a 2 year commitment.  She’s convinced them to agree to a 3 month trial period.

This is similar to what happened two years ago when she was offered the sanctuary position halfway across the US.  The offer came a week after dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  She was hesitant to leave the state while his health was uncertain.  Now she accepts a position overseas, and he has a heart attack.  The difference this time is she is taking the job.  Her father is encouraging her to go.  His message:  “Don’t pass up opportunities because of me.”  Love brings hard choices.

Meanwhile our marriage is in stasis.  We had a big blowup last weekend over the landscaping again. She wants a lawn and I hate lawns.  In the end we agreed it was a proxy argument for everything else going on with us.  Somewhere along the way we have lost the things we had in common.  When we married, it seemed like we wanted the same thing 80% of the time.  Now it feels closer to 40%.  15 years ago, I would be looking for a new job nearby to where she is going.  Today, I’m excited to get the house to myself for three months.

I am tired of fighting about silly things. We love each other, but are heading in different directions.  I’m committed to allow her proper time to land a reasonable job.  We’ll see how I feel about that come New Year’s day.

We went to dinner Saturday night and made a nice evening out of it.  She had several Moscow Mules and ended up pretty drunk.  T is a lot of fun with a few drinks.  Her sense of humor is completely evil.  I love that about her.  She skirted The Pass in the conversation, reiterating that “it is ok”.  I considered coming clean for a moment, but decided against it.

Siobahn has warned me more than once. “There can never be a moment of truth.”  I kept my peace, had a few beers and enjoyed the evening.

I’m on a flight to Vegas right now for a week-long conference.  Chloe Boulez has been on my list of ladies to meet for almost a year.  I’ve decided to pass on that opportunity this trip.  I’ll get back to Vegas another time.  I am planning a week of abstinence.  We’ll see if I can be true to that goal once I’m under the Neon lights. LOL.

The high point of this week will be dinner with fellow blogger Vegas Sparkles.  I can’t believe all of the RL friends that are arising from this stuff.

I am a little behind on posts, and will try to catch up this week. I met up with Scarlet last week in Detroit, and  Stacy and I had a steamy overnight this past weekend…



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  1. “you do realize you fought over fucking grass, right?” lol
    Dinner was fun and great! I have a pending post in the works on it, can’t wait to see yours.
    We gotta hit the Strip or something while you’re here (hopefully)…would be interested to see you in those neon lights HAHA!

    Looking forward to the future posts on Detroit and with Stacy…will be interesting! =D

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