The Long Evening – Part 2

..Falling behind on the blog a bit..this is the second part from last Friday.

After catching our breath, we decide to explore the hotel.  There should be cookies in the VIP lounge.  The hotel is a labyrinth with more than one tower. We will have to search a little.

Stacy throws on a little cotton cover up meant to be worn over a swimsuit.  No bathing suit though….completely commando.  I love the feel of her body through the fabric…can’t keep my hands off of her in the elevator.   Very sexy

There happens to be a convention for the blind at the hotel.  People with red tipped canes are everywhere.  She gets a thrill whisking by knowing they can’t see her clearly.

One gentleman in particular is having trouble with his room key. Stacy stops to help him. He’s got a small piece of wax stuck on one side so he can tell which side is the face.  He is swiping correctly, but the door is still not unlocking.

She doesn’t wear heavy perfume, but smells terrific as you get close to her. He pauses a moment to listen to her voice and  and breath her in. He is blind but not blind.  Subtle, but noticeable.

If he only knew what a thrill she gets out of being noticed like that.

Neither of us can get the lock working so get him pointed in the right direction to the lobby, and continue our search.

The lounge is in the back tower, and we wander in search of the correct lift.  Finally we find the secret elevator. My key works, and voila we are on our way to the top floor.  The lounge is on one end of the top floor and is deserted.  Much to our dismay, no cookies. Robbed!

We have a look around. A bunch of empty tables, a couple of rooms, etc.  Around one of the corners is a small closed door.  She peeks in and finds it is a small bathroom.

I step in close behind.  Pinning her against the sink, I grab a handful of hair and pull her head aside so her neck is exposed. My lips travel from her earlobe to her shoulder with small, sucking bites, until finally I sink my teeth into her skin.  Her breath sucks in with the sting of it.

I press my hardness against her as my right hand slips up under her dress. She is already wet.  I work my fingers into her moist folds.  That sexy rumble of hers slips out long and low. I let go of her hair and move my had to her mouth. Covering  tight.

Two fingers slide in and out of her, drawing wetness out to soak my hand. Slowly I pull both fingers out, and move to cup her fully in my hand.  I apply pressure and circulate my fingers to massage swollen lips. Another soft moan escapes as I push my middle two fingers back deep inside.  She writhes against me with her ass positioned perfectly. I am hard and straining against the denim of my jeans. Our hips gyrating in time.

She steadies herself with both hands on the sink.  I move my hand from her mouth down to her throat. Choking her a little.

We have talked about this before, she wants me to choke harder. I am working up to it, but still not completely comfortable applying full pressure to her throat.

Nevertheless it is enough this time.

She arches back against me. Her head against my shoulder.  My right hand steadily working her into a frenzy.  Wetter and wetter.  Fingers are sliding in and out. I choke a little harder.  I can feel the rumble of her moans through my palm.  I watch the side of her face as she loses herself to the feeling.  Bliss.  Barely keeping herself standing with both hands clenched on the sink,  she continues gyrating against my jeans.

My fingers move faster and faster. The small room amplifies the moans.  The gyration suddenly stops. Her whole body shudders as she comes hard.  My hand drops from her throat to her waist to steady her. Two  fingers from my other hand still circling deep inside her.

We stand there a few moments.  She is breathing heavy against me. My hand is cupping her, palm soaked.  I’m rock hard and throbbing against the back of her thigh. The head of my cock is chafing against the inside of my pants.

Time to head back to the room…

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