The Long Evening – Part 3

Stacy steps out onto the balcony for a smoke.

We are back in our room on the 4th floor. The courtyard below us is packed with people smoking outside the bar. Everyone is dressed for a night out.  She watches them. I watch her.  The cover up flutters in the breeze.  Quick glimpses of her tanned flesh in the moonlight.  Hypnotizing.

She catches me looking with a sly grin. Time to resume.  We step back inside the sliding glass door.

I pull her into a kiss as we re-enter the room. She steps back and pulls off the dress.

There is a simple armchair next to the door. I motion her towards it and bend her over the arm.  Once she is in place, I step back and pull off my jeans and shirt.

She is silent. Waiting.  Face planted in the seat cushion. Hands to either side for support.  I step up and give her a light spank.  She yelps playfully.

The chair is positioned in front of the sliding glass door. The rooftop of the adjacent bar has a few empty chairs and is parallel to our room. Beyond that the parking garage is well lit and extends a floor or two above us.  There is no one on the roof of either building, but I still feel exposed in front of the glass door.  I am not an exhibitionist, but she loves it.

She is tense and excited under my hands.  Despite being nervous about standing in full view if anyone steps upstairs for a smoke, I am quickly aroused by the feel of her hips in my grip.

Stepping closer, I penetrate her slowly.  Driving all the way in until she is flush with my hips.  She pushes up on her hands against me, and lets out a little moan…throaty and low.  I stand still at the deepest point, pulling her hips into me tightly.  Holding her still. Relishing her warmth.

After a moment, I run a hand up her spine and take a handful of hair.  Using it as a bridle, I begin moving again.  One hand on her hip to hold her in position. The other keeping her hair taught with full control.  I slide in and out with regular rhythm.

Earlier in the week she said:  “When you get home, I want you to bend me over something and fuck me forever. This pussy is yours.”

She is about to get her wish.

I love that about her.  A true nymph.

Her voice layers onto the background nose of the crowd below.  I hold on tight and fuck her as I please. Slowing down and speeding up as it suits me. I take my time.  Occasionally pause, deliver a few spanks, and then start back up again.

After a few cycles of this, she starts to push herself back against me. She is on her tip toes, so can’t quite get the leverage she needs.  Her moans get a little frantic.  I take advantage, and start driving deep inside with long powerful thrusts.

The chair slides over a little with each stroke until it is against the wall.  I release her hair and grab both hips.  Driving as hard as I can. The chair thumps rhythmically into the wall sideways with each thrust.  Her face is pressed into the seat. Her hands dig deep into the cushion as she arches into a full orgasm.  She shudders in my hands as I deliver a few more strong deep strokes.

“I’m not done. This pussy is mine. I’ll fuck it as long as I want.”  She nods meekly.

Her face is sideways on the cushion. I place my hand behind her head, wrap her hair in my fingers and keep her pinned in place. Slowly I return to motion. Sliding in and out.  Her juices seeping down both of our legs.

She whimpers “It’s yours baby. All yours.”

People are passing by loudly in the hall outside.  Gradually, I build speed.  My timetable, not hers.  I am hard as a rock and nowhere near coming.  I am in complete control now.  Intoxicated with it.

She is swollen and wet. I can feel every inch of her.  Like a piston, I maintain steady motion. Her moans return.  I release her hair. She once again pushes up on her hands.

This time I grab her throat with both hands.  Gentle but firm.  I take care to pull her straight back into me with each thrust.  We are in perfect time.  I squeeze my hands a little tighter and pick up speed a little.  The chair starts bumping the wall again. The bottom of my spine is tingling.  I can feel myself building to blow.  Her moans become louder and louder.  The sound of her voice drives me closer and closer to the edge.

I let go of her throat and grab both shoulders. Harder and harder. She is building too. Pushing against me. The chair is tilted at an angle now, hitting the wall more and more loudly. Thump, Thump, Thump…

Finally she arches back and I can feel her quivering in my hands again. I last five or ten more seconds then explode.  My hold body rushes with the flood of it as I fold over onto her back. Both of us panting.  Soaked head to toe in sweat and each other.

We freeze there for a few moments. Breathing.

She pushes back up on her hands. “Baby, I can’t feel my legs.”

Time for aftercare.

I step back.  My legs are unsteady also.  We hobble to the bed and collapse in each other’s arms.  Completely spent.

Spooned together, we drift to sleep.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kami says:

    Awesomeeeeeee !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. R. Patience says:

    She loves a man in control; plus spanking; exhibitionist; bondage. Her reactions are wonderful.


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