On The Road in Vegas

Abstinent in Las Vegas of all places.

Not so much a pledge, but a settling down period for myself. I have spent quite a lot of time here over the years.  My work brings me often.

A full week this time for a trade show.  Nice room, sore feet and a lot of “always on” stage presence with clients and co-workers.

The highlight of the week was meeting VegasSweetheart the first night of the trip.  We have been corresponding for a while.  Nice to finally meet her.  She was a little disappointed at my suitlessness, but I warned her in advance it would be a jeans evening.

She looked fantastic and casual.  I walked to the restaurant, and encountered a little rain on the way, so was mildly damp upon entering the bar.  Very glad for the jeans and all weather coat at that moment 😉

VS is beautiful, smart and funny.  A strong personality which will grow to be the person always in charge.  I teased her about becoming a dominatrix one day.

She insists she likes a strong man. The fantasy of being up under the desk of a powerful executive.  Older. Well dressed.  Surely she will get her wish living and working in Las Vegas.

However, I think in the end she will be the one with an assistant under the desk. He will be well dressed, on his knees, and obeying her will.

Hope you enjoy the Door tag VS 🙂

I am a pretty dull guy to travel with from the PoV of my co-workers.  One of my co-managers is a frenchman, who in particular is always disappointed.  He wants to stay out all night and party.  I prefer to head back to my room after dinner and a drink.

The other person on the road with us is a younger woman, whom I’ve referred to in the past as “The Gray Fox”.  GF is mid-thirties and prematurely gray. Instead of dying it her natural black, she went the other way and embraced her fantastic long gray hair.

There is some chemistry between GF and myself. We had a few moments on the road in Vegas together last year.  Nothing happened…just a little too drunk and several “Moonlighting” scenes.

This trip she got a little too drunk and accidentally introduced me as her “boss and future husband.”…then “Shit, was that my out-loud voice?!”

The three of us managed a few hours at the tables in which the frenchman and I fed GF chips for blackjack.  She took great pleasure with referring to us as her “two masters.”

She confessed to me in the tradeshow booth that she has a fetish for older men…”if only Anderson Cooper was straight!”

Initially, I had planned to see Chloe Boulez for a session while in town, but opted out.  A week before the trip, I decided not to book the time with her.  Somehow, I didn’t have the urge, even though this particular provider has been on my list for nearly a year.

Talking to Stacy almost every day was enough.

I am evolving.

Las Vegas Escort Chloë Boulez in White Lace Lingerie
Chloë Boulez

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lol!! *hair flip* feed my ego some more 😂
    It was great to meet and see you! I enjoyed our dinner, coffee and chats! We must do a repeat! Maybe I’ll finally take my solo trip and make a stop in your city.

    Glad you enjoyed your time in LV!

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  2. Ps: give my love to Stacy!

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  3. R. Patience says:

    You are changing. This is fun to read. That happened with Meredith for me. I was so captivated by her all other women I used to flirt with at work sort of disappeared. My interest was no longer there. I completely understand.


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