Scarlet in Black

This is a delayed post from two weeks back. A nice evening in Detroit. 😉

She knocks lightly on the door. I pull her into the room and we wrap into a kiss. Coral lips that taste like vanilla and Pepsi.

No talking up front. That is our agreement now.

Her dress is short and black.  Glossy thin fabric that is slightly translucent. Touchable. My fingers run up and down the back. Her ass fits perfectly in my hand. I get lost for a moment kissing her. I am completely aroused as she leans into me.

Finally we pull apart.  I hold her at arm’s length to take in the dress.  Sleeveless and halfway to the knee. It has a big silver zipper running down the front.

“Easy access” she says with a little grin as she peels it open.  Matching bra and panties. Beautiful.

I could go on, but one of her rules is ‘no identifying details’.  I can give you this:  late 20’s, petite, blonde, photogenic, Michigan girl next door…  You will have to visualize the rest. If you live in American Mid West, the next time you see a young hot down-to-earth blonde pushing a grocery cart in the store, it might just be her. 😉

We’ve known each other a full year now.  The vibe is FWB.  Hooking up once a month or so, we know each other’s hot buttons.  We also know each other’s RL stories.  Easy together.  Trust, intimacy and friendship are all present.

Quickly we are naked and piled on the hotel bed.  Nina Simone is playing in the background as she pushes me onto my back and climbs on top.

I’ve got the music up a little too loud. She is stunning up there slowly grinding down against my hips.  After a moment she leans forward and I take hold of her hips.  Slipping in and out of her I hold on and increase my pace.  The passion mounts.  She locks me in a kiss at first, but quickly we both lose track of it.  Her head drops to my shoulder. She is now up on her knees as I thrust faster and faster into her from below.  She talks dirty into my ear.  “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

We both explode.  She collapses on my chest.  I can feel her heart beating in contrast to mine.

There is a windstorm wind howling outside.  Winter is coming early to Detroit.

We flop back into the pillows. Time to catch up.  Family, friends, work etc.  She has a great sense of humor.   Laughter and nakedness.

This has to be one of the most interesting friendships I’ve ever made.  A year ago I net her as an escort through a private site to which we both subscribe.  Now I am still a client, but somehow we’ve also become friends.

The evening continues.  After a little recovery time, we resume. Again and again. The room is destroyed and my hotel neighbors are surely disturbed.  She is insatiable.

The final round we begin doggy. After a few moments, I press her down all the way on the mattress.

She resists at first.  Normally, I am not in charge with Scarlet. We usually find our way together.  However, this time I urge, and she assents.

Once I have her face down crosswise across the mattress.  Hands over the edge, dangling towards the floor.  Legs straight and together.  Her heart shaped cheeks slightly lifted.

I climb on top. Straddling her thighs just below her butt. Lean forward on my elbows, and straighten my legs outside of hers. My heels are outside of her ankles. I take moment and slip deep inside her.  I my arm underneath lightly hold the base of her throat. I am rock hard, and find a very good spot in the warm, wet depth of her.

She gives a little moan, and wiggles up against me …even deeper.

Slowly I start sliding back and forth. Short strokes. Glorious slow friction.  Staying deep.

We start to speed up. Lose ourselves to it. Soon we are frantic.

Our energy brings us too close to the side of the bed.  Somehow, gripping the edge of the mattress, we achieve perfect synch.  Moans turn into screams. we are loud. Nina is  doing her best to cover, but I’m sure they can hear us all the way down at the front desk.

No matter.  I keep driving.

Faster and faster. Louder and louder.  Finally, she comes hard, and a few seconds later I follow.  My hand reaching down to the floor with the final thrust as I explode.   We lay there a minute, hanging off halfway to the floor….giggling, panting and covered with sweat.


I am completely collapsed on top of her.  My cheek is sticking to the skin between her shoulders as our sweat dries. She is holding us up off the floor with both hands….”hey a little help here…  🙂  ”

I lift up and we slide ourselves over to the headboard.

She chuckles and gives me a big smile. “Always something new with you. that was pretty good.”

A little more talk, but then it is time to go.  We wrap up our evening.

Hugs, kisses, smiles  Then she heads home.


Later, after I’ve had dinner, I’m sitting alone in the bed. Watching TV, sleepy… I am sated.  However, something is missing.

The sex was great and we had an excellent time.  However,  now I feel alone.

The face in my mind: Stacy. Drift off to sleep.






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  1. Hot!!🔥🔥

    There is a saying that came to mind when reading this that made me laugh, “If she’s wearing matching bra and panties, it wasn’t you looking to get laid.” 😂😂😂

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