I was at Stacy’s by 12:15.  A few hours blocked out on my calendar.

She yells “no peeking!” from the shower as I let myself in.  I make myself comfortable on the couch.  She is ready quickly, and calls me into the bedroom.

Pink mesh bra and panties.  The blinds are drawn, but filter soft light on her as she lays on the bed. Cheshire grin on her face.  Those deep brown eyes looking into me. Beautiful.

This is a room we have not had sex in. She is on a twin sized daybed.  Complete with white metal rails around three sides.

Perfect, but I’ve brought no rope.

I kneel down on the bed and kiss her softly.  Tongues sliding ever so lightly over each other. I love the taste of her.

I take her chin in my hand and turn her face to the side, exposing her neck.  I move my attention there.  She squirms a little, but I hold steady.  Working my lips and tongue up and down the side of her neck for several minutes.

All the while I am hatching an idea in my mind.  I had not planned on such an excellent arrangement for tying up.  I decide not to let this opportunity go to waste.

“Don’t move.” I whisper.

I get up, and go outside to my Jeep.  Grab some cargo straps out of the back. A little long, but they’ll suffice.

Returning to the bedroom, her face lights up a little when she sees the straps.  Black nylon with a steel clasp.

I wrap her wrists a few times around and slide the clasp down snug, but not too tight.  Lifting her hands over her head I quickly tie them to the headboard.

Her eyes tracking my every move.

I want unfettered access to her lower half so leave her feet untied. Mental note to truss her up completely next time.

Now that she is secured, I can take my time and do whatever I please.

I love her breasts, so decide to start there.  Peeling the bra up to her neck exposes them to me fully.  I take a moment at this point to sit back and take her in. She gives me a pouty, biting-her-lower-lip look.  Irresistible.

My fingers stroke her skin for a minute before I lower my lips to her left nipple.  Kissing. Sucking. Biting. She squirms again.

My hand traces down her belly to the pink mesh panties.  She is already wet. I apply some pressure and massage her with my fingers. Soft moans escape.  She is mine.

I am rock hard and straining against my jeans.  I stand up and strip myself naked. Reach down and pull off her panties.

Returning to the bed,  I move down her body with my lips. Take her right leg and push that knee up to her chest. Holding it in place with my hand on the bottom of her thigh.  This curls her hips up slightly.

Her lips glistening and exposed.  Tracing her lightly with my tongue, she tastes light and sweet. Her scent is all too familiar to me now.  This is one of my favorite parts. She squirms further.  I pay no attention. Sampling every inch of her wetness. Warm and slippery.

I bring my other hand around and grab her other leg, pushing it up as well.  Her face is framed between her calves.  My hands pinning both legs by the underside of her knees.  Hands tied. She can’t move at all. Her pussy is completely exposed to me. I return my mouth to her swollen lips. Plunge my tongue in deep. She lets out an uncontrolled moan.

No mercy for her. Heaven for me.

Her voice grows louder and louder as I continue to savor my prize.   Finally, I can tell she is ready to come.

I stop completely.  Her body tenses with frustration. Lips swollen. Dripping wet. Aching for release.

I move my left forearm up to pin both knees.  Freeing my other hand.  I roll her up a little more and start spanking her ass with my free hand.  She yelps, and manages to pivot her hips to the side a little.  No mind. I keep swatting. My hand stings with each slap.  Her right cheek starts to glow a cherry red.  I pause for a moment. Let her catch her breath.

I  release her leg, move up to straddle her shoulders and put my cock in her mouth. Throbbing.  She is hungry for it.  Holding her hair, I slide myself in and out of her lips. Pausing when I feel like it as she hits just the right spot.

After a few minutes of this I am ready to taste her some more.  Not wanting to give up her warm mouth quite yet, I pivot into a 69 on top of her.  Shoving myself all the way down her throat.

I then move my face back to her small triangle.  Driving my tongue deep inside her, I lift my hips to allow her a breath and extract my cock from her throat.  She gags a little as it slips past her lips. I continue, teasing her with my tongue as she squirms under the weight of my body.  I allow her a few breaths then slowly slide back deep into her throat once again. her moans providing just the right amount of vibration. Half a minute or so and I extract myself from her lips again.

I will not be able to last long this way. It feels too good, but time to move on.  I extract myself from this position and kneel at the foot of the bed.

She is breathing heavy.

I grasp her legs and peg her knees to her shoulders. Moving up to kiss her roughly on the mouth, I simultaneously, I drive myself deep inside her.

Our lips are locked. The backs of her thighs are pressed against my chest,  as our rhythm begins.

She is still on the edge. Both of us a little frantic.  There is no slow build this time.  She comes almost immediately. Her body rigid as the wave passes through her. I am nowhere near finishing yet.

I am overcome with lust. No stopping.  I never want this feeling to end. Completely tied and  pinned, she writhes beneath me.  I am driving into her as deep as I can with long hard strokes. We are sloppily kissing each other. Both of us trying to keep pace.

Our mouths slide apart. My face drops down against her neck.

She is moaning. “yes, yes, yes….”

Completely out of control.  I can feel myself building to blow. Everything feels so good.  Her cries are getting faster and faster. I can tell she is ready to come again and let myself go too.  My whole body is consumed in a rush.

My senses slowly return. I am leaning heavily on her. She is still pinned with her knees to her ears.  Both of us panting. My heart is still hammering.

I open my eyes. She is watching me. Reaches up with her lips to give me a delicate kiss.

We untangle. I untie her, and we collapse in a spoon.

No words, but everything said.

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