I Want to Fuck You in that Dress

Come here.  Right now.

Stand in front of me. So close that your breasts touch my dress shirt. The silk of my tie drapes between them.

Look up into my eyes. I’ll tilt my face down, so you can press your forehead against mine.

Lock your eyes with mine. Don’t blink.

My hand slides down your back to lightly hold your ass.

No panties? Bold. I like it.

I love the feel of your butt through the fabric.  The curve of your cheek is perfect for my hand.

You are  mine.

Don’t look down.  Our eyes must remain locked.

I pull your hips closer.  Feel my hardness against your thigh.  That is for you.  All for you and only you.

Stand up on your tip toes to kiss me.  Lightly. Part your lips a little so I can slip my tongue between.

You taste faintly of cigarettes. My breath is heavy with coffee.

My tongue glides over the tip of yours.

I love the way you kiss me.  Perfect pouty lips.  All for me and only me.

My other hand comes up to hold your chin. Right at the top of your throat. My grip is firm, but you trust me. Completely.

Our tongues continue to dance.

My hand slides from your throat down and around to your other ass cheek.

Again, a perfect fit for the cup of my hand.

I pull you even closer. My hips press yours.  My cock is bent down inside my slacks. You can feel it pulsing up against your clit through our clothes. Throbbing for you.

The edge of my desk presses into you from behind.

I guide your hand to my zipper.  You anticipate, unzip and pull me free.

I step back to slide my slacks to the floor.

Hike that dress up a little higher, baby.

I lift you lightly up to sit on the desk, then step into place between your thighs. The head of my penis seeking out that slight part in your lips. Warm and wet.  So inviting.

I move my forehead back into position against yours.

Look me in the eyes as I slide into you.

I know this is your favorite part. The moment we become one.

My hands grab your butt cheeks and pull you to me as I drive deep. All the way to the back.

Stop. Right there. This is my favorite part.  I am deep inside you.

Our eyes are locked. I sense your anticipation.

Time to begin. Slowly though. I want to savor every inch of you as I slip back and forth.

Long deep strokes.

I am losing myself to you. Your moans are too loud.  I cover your mouth with mine.  Pump faster.

My fingers dig into your ass.  Faster. Harder. Faster. Harder.

I can’t hold back any longer.  Your shoulders are arching back. I can tell you are ready too.

Together we let the release take us.  My final thrust is hard and deep.

You can feel my cock flicking up and down inside of you as I let go.

My forehead slips to your shoulder.

Your hand caresses the back of my head.

I think this is going to be my favorite dress.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Stacy sugar says:

    Anytime. Anywhere. You have an all access pass to this dress and the lady underneath it. Oh and p.s. fap fap fap

    Liked by 1 person

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