“In here.”

Stacy’s voice.  Not far above a whisper.  I move through bedroom door. She is stretched out on the daybed. Completely naked.

She gives me her best ‘innocently-waiting-for-you’ glance.  One knee up. Index finger in the corner of her mouth.

Blue Steel. 😉

Better prepared this time, I have brought some odds and ends of rope.

I’d never heard of shibari three months ago.  Now I’m interested.

I’ve always had an affinity for rope.  I’ve won more than one blue ribbon for knots.  Mostly from growing up around boats.

I also love the textures.

Two lengths of rope from the same bolt can develop different character as time goes on. Purpose, treatment and exposure all play a role.

Today I have two pieces One white soft nylon, and the other cheap yellow cotton that is shorter and looped at one end.

She sees the rope. Pleased and curious. Not exactly professional dom kit.  More like a hobbyist who likes to tie up his girlfriend. Big smiles all the way.

I take a moment to admire her.  Standing over the bed, ropes in hand.  I am casual today.  T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops.

I’ve posted pictures, but let me take a minute to describe her with my own words.  Long wavy blonde hair.  A little past the shoulder. Brown almond eyes. Big dark lashes. Beautiful décolletage.  Natural b cup breasts.  Perfectly sculpted for my hands alone. Smooth skin. Shapely hips.  Neatly trimmed dark triangle.  Beautiful legs.  Small, pretty feet.

A pair of tattoos: a racing bunny on one hip, and a small tombstone on her ribs. Vonnegut: “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Noon sunlight drifts through the blinds. Mesmerizing.

I’ve been doing some homework, and have decided today is ‘wrist-and-ankle’ day.

The yellow rope is perfect.  A few figure 8 loops around, slip the end through the loop, then wrap the center of the 8 like a hangman.  Less than a minute and she is secured on the left.

The white rope is a little longer and takes me a good three minutes to execute the same move on the other side.

I’ll have to spend some time at home prepping ropes for next time.  Always lessons to be learned.

I use the extra length on the left to secure her to the side rail.

I step back to admire my work.  My babygirl is properly trussed up.  Not elegant, but effective.

I bend down and kiss her mouth.  She has fantastic full lips. Totally arousing.  I position the head of my cock right between the moist lips of her pussy.

I press her face to the side with my hand. Move my lips down her neck. She begins to squirm, but can’t pull away. I take my time.  Her whole left side is gooseflesh. My cock slips inside a little. She releases a moan.

I keep at her neck. She begins to writhe. My intent is to tease. I should pull my hips back, but don’t.  I slide in a little further.  Her hips are pushing up. Wordlessly begging for more.

Impulsively, I relent. Plunge insider all the way. Both of us cry out.

I rest a moment in her depths.  Savoring.

Slowly we begin a rhythm. She curls her hips up to draw me further in.  Her movement is restricted by the rope. Moans of frustration escape her. She wants harder and faster.  I continue on an even pace.  This is for me.  Relish the feeling of her.

Finally there is a moment where her body is tensing up.  She’s levered up on her elbows.  Back rigid.  Thighs tight.  She is ready to come at any moment.

I take this opportunity to withdraw.  Step to the side of the bed.  Her frustration is clear.

Grasping the hair on the back of her head, I shove my cock all the way down her throat.  She takes all of it with only a small grunt.  Tasting the sweet saltiness of herself mixed with my own musk.

She is such a good girl.

Hungrily. Eagerly. Selflessly, she ensures I am fully satisfied.  It does not take long.  She gags a little as she sucks me completely dry.  My knees go soft for a second, but I catch myself on the mattress before collapsing on her.

My heart is hammering in my ears as I move my mouth down to take my turn. I kneel on the bed beside her, holding her thighs open with my palms. My tongue and lips enjoy every inch of her dripping pussy.

I slip two fingers inside, and suck her clit up between my teeth. It doesn’t take long for her now. She comes hard.  Pinned by my body weight and  sufficiently bound, she is unable to move.  All she can do is quiver and shudder underneath me while crying relief to the world.  Success.

Over stimulation is my goal today.  I don’t stop . Fingers moving inside her. Tongue caressing her swollen lips. She struggles, but has nowhere to go.  I love this part…this pussy is mine all mine….as long as I fucking wish.

A few minutes later she is shuddering underneath me again.

I see now why guys my age love the restraints so much…plenty of recovery time. I’m suddenly hard as a rock again. She’s hardly had time to breath

We are both drenched with sweat.  Her shaking, slick flesh is more than I can resist.  Fully hard again, I step back onto the floor beside the bed once again and shove my cock back in her mouth. Her drenched hair wrapped up in my fist.  Just as I am about to come, I pull back and take a moment to pull back from the brink. Taking advantage of the pause, I climb on top of her in the bed.  She is panting. Staring up at me hungrily.  Waiting for direction.  I bend down, press my mouth against hers and thrust myself deep inside her.

I am aching for her.  I can’t stand it. Out of control.  My mouth slips back to her neck.  Suckling continuously as I keep sliding in and out.

She feels so good. I am so hard for her, it is incredible.  I lose track of time completely.  Lost in myself.  Lost in her depths.  I want this to last forever. She arches up and comes beneath me more than once. I am completely self-absorbed. She is my plaything. This pussy is mine. Her moans and cries are the soundtrack.

Finally, my senses return in a mad rush as my whole body erupts in a flood. Every nerve firing head to toe. I swear my heart is pumping the come into her.

Soaking wet, I collapse. Panting. Heart pounding. Feet twitching. My face nestles between her breasts.

The sound of her heartbeat soothes me back to earth.

After a few recovery moments, it is time to untie.  Time lie close.  Soaked in each other’s sweat.

Aftercare is not just for submissives.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    ue -I’m afraid I’ve lost interest. I’m happy for you that you have found another SO ,who seems great for you . But I miss the new conquests. Variety is truly the spice of life .


    1. uehobbyist says:

      no worries dude. Best of luck


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