Happy Holidays

I had expected to be back to blogging daily by now, but am stuck in a sort of limbo where I still do not have much private time to write.

T was scheduled to leave on her 3 month trip this past Thursday, but her visa did not get processed in time for the flight. Her departure date has been moved to the 30th.  She has to wait another 10 days.

She spent a great deal of effort getting her affairs wrapped up in time, and now is sitting around the house with nothing to do. Her shifts at the sanctuary are all covered. She still doesn’t have a job, but can’t reasonably go look for one because she wouldn’t be able to start until April.  Her friends even threw a going away get together for her last Tuesday.  She is stuck at home, bored for the first time in 10 years.

I was swamped with work the last few weeks.  It was all I could do to get to the end of each day with my sanity.  My boss was under pressure, and that all rolled down hill. That’s all over now and we are into the holiday period.  Whew…

When I first heard about T’s trip, I made a decision.  No fighting or bickering.  I want her her to leave for her trip with a peaceful sendoff. That was easy when I was buried with work. Now I have to stretch that out another 10 days.

I planned to take the next two weeks off and spend it with Stacy.  Now that can’t happen.

T is completely up my ass looking for something to do.   A year ago, this is one of the things I was railing at her about…come home and spend some time with me.  Let’s do some fun things together.  Now it is too late for that.  I have moved on.

Timing is everything.

I spent the past few weeks fantasizing about spending some time off work with Stacy.  Now that is not going to happen.  I am going to cancel most of that, and save those vacation days for another time.

It is a shame, because work has finally slowed down enough for me to take time off without being called everyday with escalations. The next three months will not be as easy in that regards.

I have booked a night in a hotel for Stacy and I this coming Wednesday.  At least we’ll have that time together.

I haven’t seen an escort in a while.  The last was Scarlet in Detroit.  There was a moment there with Scarlet when I knew the escorting phase of my life was winding down.  I don’t need it anymore. I haven’t even thought about it.  Evolving.

I came out to Henry about the blog two months ago.  He has been through some difficult times with his own marriage and I finally thought the time was right.  We’ve been talking about it a lot.

He decided to foray into this hobby several weeks ago.  It is interesting to hear someone’s experiences as a beginner from the outside.  I may get a post or two out of him. We’ll see.

As far as the blog goes, I have plenty to write about.  I’ll find the time somehow.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday.  It has been a crazy year for many of you….so I hope you all find some peaceful and beautiful moments as this year wraps up.



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