Stranger on a Plane (part 2)

This one is fiction…


The room is on a high floor. Allison leans her head on my shoulder in the elevator.  We stand in comfortable silence. I’m not sure how this is going to go: naked wild abandon or  snuggled together in pajamas…

I’ll take her queue, either will be ok with me. I have a definite preference though 😉 

She stops me outside our room before I open the door.

“That flight still has me freaked.”

We kiss.  Tentatively at first. Then long and sensuous.

I unlock the door, and we step inside.  I know which direction this is heading now.

It is a small 2 room suite.   We drop our bags inside the little living room. I nudge the door closed with a heel, we toss our coats on the couch and start kissing again. Standing in the middle of the room.

She is pressed tightly against me. Her lips against mine. I back her up to the desk and lift her up onto it.

She is wearing black leggings and a matching long sleeve knit top. I am in a white oxford, collar button undone. Sleeves rolled up. Dark neat tie, loosened. Dark wool slacks.

I press my forehead against hers.  Look into her eyes.  Trace the lace of her bra with my fingers through the fabric.  She puts on a naughty grin, pushes me back a step, and peels the shirt off with one fluid motion.  Alabaster skin with light brown freckles.  Beautiful.

I step close again, cup the back of her head in my hand and pull her into another long kiss.

We are hungry for each other.  She wraps her legs around me. Draws me to her. My hardness presses against her warmth through our clothes.

She reaches down, unfastens my belt and frees me from my straining slacks. I am slick with excitement.  She takes me in both hands. Starts massaging, while playfully nibbling my lower lip. I slide my hand down between her thighs. Stroke three fingers up and down on the soft wet mound through her leggings.  The fabric is soaked.

My lips move to the side of her neck.  She groans a little and tightens her hand hold on me. She slides both hands down my length in one smooth stroke. I want to burst right there, but am able to hold off.

I move my fingers up to find her waistband, and step back to extract myself from her grip. We work together to shed her leggings.

She is commando. Trimmed to a tiny landing strip. Glistening wet.

She undoes her black bra and tosses it on the floor, then  sits there on the desk smiling playfully.  Waiting for instructions.

I take it all in for a moment. Beautiful skin. Light freckles everywhere.  Perfect chestnut nipples standing at attention. Mesmerizing.

I’m still dressed, but clearly undone. My desire is plain to see and throbbing for her.

I roll the little office chair around to the end of the desk and position it between her legs.  I put one hand on her shoulder, another between her small breasts and lay her back on the cold, hard desk.

I sit down in the chair and lift her legs over my shoulders.  I begin by softly kissing her inner right thigh. Gently. Moving inward, until I reach my mark.  I tease her lips with my hot breath, then begin to savor her with my tongue.

I take my time. Long, slow licks. Pay attention to every fold.  Patience.

After a few minutes, she is squirming.  My hands are looped up onto her thighs with a firm grip.  Her feet are on the back of the chair.

She begins to moan.

I keep steady.  Slow and teasing.  Her hips start to pivot up. Directing my mouth to the exact spot she wants.  I can feel her becoming urgent.

I start to move my tongue more quickly. She grabs me by the hair with both hands. Holding me in place.

“Yes. RIGHT THERE. don’t stop.”  Barely audible.

Her clit stands out. Firm and ripe. I flick it with my tongue.  Faster, faster, faster.

Finally her back arches up and her thighs clamp shut around my ears as she comes hard.   I slide my tongue inside her as she rides the wave. Her whole body quivers with it.

She holds me there, vice-gripped in her thighs for a moment.  She is panting. I can only breath through one nostril.

When she lets go, I stand, take hold of her hips and thrust myself deep inside. A low moan escapes from me.  She is wet and warm.  I slide up to the hilt and stop.

Time hangs for a moment.  She locks eyes with me. Her face telegraphs the moment. Lust. Ecstasy. Life.  We are intertwined in more ways than one tonight.

I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth. Sucking and nibbling for a minute, then I stand back up.  Eyes meet again.

My hips begin slowly sliding back and forth.

She takes my tie in one hand. Wraps it tight. Pulls me forward a little bit with it.  I start to fuck a little harder.  Get lost in the depths of her.  Back and forth. In and out. Our cadence builds.

I keep my hold on her hips.

We are overtaken. She is holding the tie fast, with both hands now.

Faster. Deeper. Harder.

She breaks eye contact. Her head rolls back in ecstasy.  I am ready to blow.  Her knees jerk up under my arms. She comes in another shuddering orgasm just as I explode with a final deep thrust.

I collapse forward onto her chest. My face nestled sideways between her slick breasts. Her hands are resting on the side of my head as I throb inside her.  I can hear her heart hammering.

“I still hate to fly.”

We burst out laughing.

To be continued…

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  1. lickitrightnow says:

    Mmm…well that worked for me!

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      Happy to help 😉


  2. “White Oxford, collar undone, sleeves rolled up”…you have to wear that next time we cross paths!! 😍😂

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