Moving Forward

T came to me yesterday with a divorce proposal that I accepted.  Neither of us wants to be bitter.

We are each optimistic about  our new lives.  She has a plan to restart her  career with something she has always wanted to do, but was holding back for the marriage.  Now the pressure is lifted. She can pursue it.  I am excited and happy for her.

She came into my bedroom this morning in a great mood and is shopping through the house for what she will take with her. I’m keeping the house, and agreed to let her have anything out of it with the exception of my home office, one of the beds, and my luggage.  We have enough stuff to furnish three homes anyway.

Watching her choose things is illustrative of how far apart we have grown. Our belongings were already unconsciously separated into hers and mine.  The items she’ll take, I  don’t want and vise versa.

I have an appointment with an attorney in two days.  Now that we have amicably agreed on the details, it is just a matter of paperwork.  We live in a state where divorce is simplified. Our finances are not complicated and we have no children.

I am also excited about the next chapter of my life which s beginning. I will be legitimately single in the next few months.


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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Glad to hear things have progressed well –

    Was there huge fall out over the fact that you had taken her up on the offer to be open?

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks man. There was not really huge fallout over the pass. However, she is hurt by the fact that it had developed into having a girlfriend. I should have just left.


  2. Glad you are doing well and things worked out (for the most part). Keep in touch 🙂

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  3. slave bri says:

    You sound very strong, the way you speak about such a life altering decision. Most would be frightened and apprehensive, not to say that you are not at all, however your outlook is so positive and lighthearted. Your post encourages me to be a but more optimistic, although hardly going through anything so dynamic currently.

    You are a strong individual, how you embrace change. Beautiful. I look forward to reading more if your journey through this crazy thing called ‘life’.


    ~ slave bri

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thanks Bri. It helps that I have been working on this change since last May. the time has allowed me to become confident with it. I am looking forward to more on your blog as well.

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