Stranger on a Plane (part 3)

The last part of this fictional piece…


I wake to the sound of her sleeping in the early morning light.

The room is cold, and we are laying against one another under a thick comforter. I am on my back. She is on her side facing away from me. It is early.  Our flights aren’t for several hours yet. There is time to sleep in a little.  I roll to my side and put an arm around her. She absently pulls it in between her breasts, and wiggles back against me. Drift back to sleep.

An hour or so later, I can hear her brushing her teeth.  The room is dim, but the bathroom light is on. The door is cracked. She is in front of the mirror. I can see the profile of her butt peeking out from under her t-shirt. A minute later she tiptoes to the bed, and slips back under the covers. Nestling her backside against me.

I’ll be 50 this year, but still wake with an erection most mornings.  She notices, and reaches a hand around to test my firmness.  Gently squeezing like she is testing a piece of fruit.  I lay there a minute enjoying her very subtle touch as her fingers start to gently stroke.  “mmm…”

She rolls over to face me.

“You ARE awake.  VERY awake.”

I kiss her, and run my hand down her side to cup her bare butt cheek.

“When is your flight?”  She asks coyly.

“not till 11:25”

“Plenty of time.” She grins and ducks under the covers.    A moment later I am in her mouth. Warm and wet.  One hand also gently working my shaft.  I lay back with a moan.  I love morning sex.

Slowly and softly. She has the head of my cock in her mouth.  Her tongue sliding around on the underside.  I can’t concentrate.  This seems to go on forever.  Just when I am ready to blow, she pauses.

Peeks out from under the comforter. Impishly smiling up at me.  “You like that?” All I can do is nod dumbly.

“Well how about this?” she moves up to straddle my hips, and deftly guides me inside her depths.  Once she is perched, her hips gyrate in a slow circle for one or two revolutions. As if she is adjusting for fit.  Then once she is satisfied with her position, she stops moving completely and just smiles down at me.  Her hands on my chest.

Silent and perfectly still. She does not move an inch.  All of my brain cells are now keenly focused on the sensation of being inside her.

Hot. Moist.

My cock twitches once or twice in anticipation.

Still she does not move.  Finally she says “I asked you a question.”

Befuddled for a second. “Huh?” Then it dawns. “yes, YES. I like that VERY MUCH.”

“Much better.” she replies and rewards me by starting to move again. Ever so slightly, she starts to rock her hips front to back in slow motion.  Her hands pressed into my chest for leverage. I am completely under her control.

She gradually leans forward to kiss me.  Her tongue slides in my mouth.  Her hips simultaneously continuing their hypnotic motion.

Her tempo picks up. I come back to my senses a bit. Grab her hips and lift her up onto her knees, so she is on all fours over me. My hips pivot to remain inside.

Her hips stop moving, and mine begin.  Take advantage of the new angle.    I keep the momentum going with an ever increasing pace.  Her turn to start moaning. Faster and faster.  Long deep strokes.  My grip is tight.  Thumbs digging into the front of her hips.

“Fuck, that feels good.” She breathlessly mumbles into my mouth.

Somehow as I have become older, my cock goes a bit numb sometimes when the rhythm gets faster.

Not sure of the science here, but this has definitely helped me in the ‘staying’ department.

The faster our motion gets, I have to concentrate to remain on target.  I stop short on the back of each stroke so the head doesn’t slip out. Then return each time with strong, even thrusts.  Her turn to become engulfed.

Finally neither of us can keep up with the coordination required for kissing.  Her face slips over to my shoulder.  Faster and faster.

I take hold of the back of her neck in one hand, and I am fucking her for all I am worth.  I can feel myself starting to build. I am really close now. I can tell she is very close too as her fingernails start to dig into my forearm.

She comes hard, and bites into my shoulder as the orgasm rides over her.  I can’t hold back any longer either and let go with a final deep thrust.  She collapses onto my chest. We are soaked. I am throbbing inside of her.  Her teeth let go and she nuzzles into my neck. I wrap my arms around her back, and we lay still for several long heartbeats.

Eventually she stirs and rolls sideways. Draping one arm across my stomach, hooking a knee over my thighs and resting her chin on my chest.  She stares up with deep brown eyes. Inspecting me. Neither of us speaks.

My phone breaks the silence.  I set an alarm last night in case I overslept.

“Time to go.”



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  1. lickitrightnow says:

    Very hot. Thank you!

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